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LV Escale Neverfull Review + Gifting!

New bag who dis?!!!

Lovelies, I'm obsessing over this bag of mine. Okay first, yes she's a replica so you can get the thought of me spending a crazy shit ton of money outta your heads. I like to pretend I'm balla status, but let's be real I don't have that kind of money. Here's to dreaming!

This bag though! Ok come on, you can not tell me she doesn't look f'n legit. I am so so happy with this purchase and Instagram find. That's right I said Instagram. I was scrollin through watching my TikTok FYP one day, and one of the blogger babes I love to follow popped up with this baby and I knew I needed it. I checked the grams then @shopdesignerthings. It wasn't listed. So then I dm'd them and lucky enough yes they had one waiting just for me to buy and call my own.

What's the Bag?

You may be wondering, Laura what's the name of this beauty of a bag already. It's the Louis Vuitton Escale Pastel Neverfull MM (replica). This is the newest release from LV. It's part of the summer 2020 collection, and I'm so here for it. If the pastel isn't necessarily up your alley, it also comes in a blue fade or a red fade. It has the large monogram on the front, and the small monogram like the regular LV neverfull's on the back.

What's the difference between the real vs fake?

I had to do my research because I'm telling y'all this baby is legit. I own really LV's and I own plenty of look a likes, you can usually spot a dupe right off the bat. This never full tho... she's spotless! Like down to the "T" she's exactly the same. The same color. The same color scheme. The size. The same leather. The same hardware. The same everything. You name it, it's the SAME. There's even a date code under the large interior pocket. Incase you're not sure what a "date code" is, it's the authenticity tag stating where your bag was made, the week of production, and the year.

Lovelies, she even came with the mini pouchette! Now this is where I had to check closely and is the only thing I can find that throws it off from the real deal. You'll be able to see for yourselves in my full review on my youtube. The fact that it's so minor and I didn't even realized at first tho, makes it that much better.

If you got any questions you can always reach out to me here or by dm on insta. You definitely want to subscribe to become a Lovely if you haven't yet, because I may have another replica on it's way to share with y'all! So stay tuned. And if that isn't enough maybe this gifting towards the Nordstrom Anniversary sale will intrigue you to do so! There will be TWO winners, best of luck to y'all!




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