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Pre Gym Routine

Hi ya lovelies,

Doing a little GRWM action. Sharing the steps that have been taking place the last few mornings for me. While we've been on quarantine, I think I have been working out almost everyday! I like to wake up each morning and get it started! I usually will wake up and within the first hour enjoy some coffee and get ready to take a live stream class. If I workout in the morning I'm more likely to do it. It also honestly gives me more energy for the day leaving me more productive in the long run.

I'll admit I haven't worn makeup every single day while we've been home, but it really does make me feel more put together for the day. I'm sharing a simple natural look in the tutorial. It's still "full coverage", but it gives a natural vibe to it. Also, I'm throwing my hair up in my typical messy bun. I have a few different ways that I create my messy buns, but this is the norm and the easiest.

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Hopefully we get good news soon this is rounding up to a close.




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