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The Scoop on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Alright lovelies, this is something I look forward to every year! It's kind of like Christmas for me. I get so excited for this sale because it's such a great way to get wardrobe ready for fall and save some dollars!

I'm gonna go through it all with you today, so hopefully that'll help you when it's sale time.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ( better know on social media as the #NSale) is definitely something you don't want to miss out on. You get a chance to see and buy the latest fall trends at a discount. That never happens except during this time.Usually hot new items release at full price and you have to wait until next season for them to drop and go on sale. Well, the NSale is the opposite. New fall pieces release at they're marked down price for Nordy card members and once the sale is over, the price goes up. How freakin sweet is that?!! I'm talking like designer and legit name brands we all love like: Free People and Top Shop sweaters, Sam Edelman and Marc Fisher shoes, Tory Burch handbags, AG jeans, even MICHELE watches! Sometimes they're marked down hundreds of dollars. It's unreal.

When can you shop?

Usually the NSale happens in July, but with the current times Nordstrom's has decided to push it back moving it closer actually to fall season. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will open to all Nordstrom cardholders starting on August 13th. Being a card member in general gives you so many perks, and during this sale it is crucial seeing that a lot of stuff will sell out quickly. So I recommend if you're not currently a cardholder, to apply!

The NSale is open to everyone August 19th. It closes August 30th, and prices go up on the 31st.

What's different about this year's sale?

Well besides the date being pushed back into August, this year they're giving everyone the ability to PREVIEW the sale! This is soooo soo so so huge! The preview just stared on July 24th. Don't worry you haven't missed out on anything I promise. I highly recommend visiting Nordstrom's site though and checking out all the goodies! You can even add your favorites to your "wish list" so once the NSale goes live you can quickly add your things to your cart. I really love that they're doing this preview for everyone prior to the sale. In years past it has sucked seeing higher status' get the sneak peak before others, then by the time it was open to the public most everything had been sold out. So I appreciate this change. I'm not saying things might not be available still once the sale opens for your status level, but at least you'll have an idea of your tops picks and you won't have to just continue to scroll pages upon pages.

I will of course share info as it comes available to me with all you lovelies. I'll be sharing my at home Try On sessions with you obviously! Make sure to be following me on Instagram for posts and stories, stay tuned in to the Blog, and to make your shopping easier follow me in the app.

Items that sell out quickly.

Ok, so my status is "Influencer." I do get a few extra days prior to some cardholder to be able to shop, but there's still two levels above me. And what's crazy is that even by my sale date things have already sold out! It's crazy. The hot "it" items to really look at and decided if they're a gotta have it item for yourself are the name brands like I mentioned above. Top Shop and Free People sweaters and cardigans go instantly. Fall shoes! Omgosh the amount of shoes I always want to buy during this sale is insane. So many cute releases, but definitely the suede boots and booties are hot ticket items though.

I think that about does it. I'm going to work on putting together an update with some of my fave picks for this years NSale, so keep watch. Make sure to subscribe to the emails and become a Lovely so you don't miss a thing!




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