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Villain Challenge

Hi ya lovelies,

It's time to be BAD! What I mean is, let's play a fun little game to countdown to Halloween.

Tis the season for villainous behavior. The Villain Challenge is going to consist of well the villains and their sidekicks. It's starting Monday 19th, you know the only way to countdown to Halloween with a 13 days full of spooky fun.

So if you already follow me on IG, then you know I've been talking about the Disney villains mash up with Gossip Girl. Lovies, these looks are insane and I'm so here for all of them. Like I'm living and loving! Make sure if you don't already follow my on IG to do so @laceloveandlaura (click HERE) That's where you'll be seeing the looks first! Although, I have already shared some sneak peaks of the pieces I've been getting to put the characters all together on my youtube (click HERE).

I'm super excited for this because I've never hosted a photo challenge before, so I would absolutely LOVE for you all to take part. Don't feel like you need to post every single day - I completely get it, little notice or not enough time to get it all ready. Also it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be! So like my posts are going to be like Disney bounds. This is where you take normal clothing, outfit items and piece them together to resemble the character. Obvi I'm throwing a Gossip Girl twist on them all though. If you want to go full out costume and cosplay by all means go for it! If you just have something that makes you feel like that villain take a pic with it and post about it. Example, I have a poison apple coffee mug... I could totally post "Enjoying my morning Brew" and that is obvi for the Evil Queen.

The days and what movies are being done are below. Make sure when you post to use the hashtag #xoxoVillainStyle this way I'll see all of your posts! I'll be sharing and commenting too :)

I can't wait to see what y'all come up with, let the Evil loose 😈




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