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Slim Tone Thighs

December 11, 2016




   Try this exercise to tone your Thighs! 

Leg Lifts are great to target your quadriceps and also your inner thighs. I know for me personally this is one of the regions I really have a hard time with slimming down. The best thing is that you can do these at home or while traveling. Simply find a counter top or the back of a chair to use for balance and do on the angle (as shown in the bottom 2 photos.)  


Parallel Leg Lifts

1. Extend one leg forward, keep leg slightly bent

2. Lift leg to hip height or slightly lower even, as long as you feel it in your quad.

3. Keep leg lifted to desired height. Lift and Lower in 1" increments for about 20-30 reps. 

4. Make sure to keep knee pointed straight up to ceiling


     If able come up onto releve (the ball of your standing foot) and pull away from the bar/counter 


Turned Out 

1. Start in a first position (wide V, toes out/heels together)

2. Do the same as above, only your knee should be turned out to the side


You can see more by clicking on the Fitness tab!   


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