Every little step that leads us closer and closer the the wedding is getting me so excited. I am so happy our Save the Dates have started to go out. I decided to do them all on my own, so they're taking quite a bit if time to get them all complete. Luckily, I've had very little mess ups, so that's good.

I've mentioned before that Lar and I are trying to make everything as cost efficient as possible, so DIYing these most definitely helped in saving on cost. Once we finally got our engagement photos back we decided on the one we both liked best. Boy was that hard! I was in love with all of them, because Kaitlyn did such an amazing job capturing us. Then I just took to Canva and created it myself! I had a lot of fun playing around with the layouts I had in mind and choosing the perfect fonts and colors. To be honest I was really proud of myself for what I ended up making and Lar loved it too!

We ended up having one of our close friends print them for us, which was a huge savings and we're so thankful they could help us out with that. The texture of the cards are like suede, it's so nice! Then from there it was getting envelopes and getting them put together and out. I created a full DIY on how I created them and you can watch it here.

I love how they turned out keeping along with the fairytale feels as much as I possibly can! Invites will be up in no time and I have ideas, but not sure if I'll be able to DIY those. I'll for sure keep you updated on those as well though.

For all the information on where I got everything it's linked above in the video's description box.

We're 10 months out, can you believe it?!!



Something I've been considering and wanting for awhile now, I finally decided to go through with it.

I got a Peloton!!

I have been using the Peloton app for quite sometime and riding the bikes at my gym. They did the trick don't get me wrong, but I never knew what I was going to get from the bike I was on that day. Half of the ones at my gym are messed up in some way shape or form... Either the resistance knob was broken where you would need to keep turning it to get a little added resistance or just a touch and all of a sudden you were on Mt. Kilimanjaro! Like what the heck. Some were missing the straps in the shoe cages, so that's sketchy when picking up the speed, and most of the seats were shit... like cracking and totally ripped holes in my leggings. Once that happened I was done! If you know me, you know I love my leggings and most of them are pretty nice. There's no need for destroyed athleisure for pushing yourself to keep that workout motivation strong. Plus with it being wedding year I knew it would just make things easier to have access to a bike in home. So I did it!

I ordered the Peloton Bike+. It's the new new bike of course. If I'm doing it, might as well get the best that's out. I chose to do the monthly payment plan. With everything going on and amongst wedding costs, it just seem to be the best for me personally. There is a monthly bike payment ($70ish) along with the monthly all access cost ($40ish). So it's not crazy cheap, but with what it all offers and still dealing with the current pandemic situation I feel as if it's well worth it. The membership offers much more than just cycling classes! Obviously, I can only use the actual bike for those or the "bike bootcamps" which is a combo of riding and strength training in one. Their great for a combination workout. Peloton also offers: Strength Training, Runs, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Meditation, and Stretching. I love that I'm able to use the huge screen on the bike to take these other forms of classes though! It's way nicer than just looking on your phone, but the good thing is with the all access membership you still can use your phone if traveling or squeezing it in else where.

If you've been interested in looking into getting one, I would definitely recommend going for it. You do have a 30 day trial or money back guaranteed. So what's to lose really... besides those extra unwanted pounds ;)

I shared a complete full set up of my bike when she got delivered and also a review on my very first ever ride! They're both on my youtube ( I got them shared here below). The cycle shoes were the hardest part about it all. I have never used them before and the clipping in and out mostly was the hardest part. Watch to see how well I did! There is no comparison from the Peloton though to the gym bikes. Like it's unreal the difference between the two. I'd love for you to check out the review to hear it all.

If you look into ordering one for yourself, I have a $100 off accessories code for you "HVNPVN"

Click HERE to check it out. It'll pretty much get you a pair of shoes, which are needed.

We finally had our actual engagement shoot! It's only been how many months since the proposal, but that's ok. I am in love with them and we had so much fun during the shoot too. Kaitlyn made it so easy for us. It was playful and sweet and super romantic all wrapped together. I'm so glad to have these amazing moments captured because typically we only have selfies of us together. I can only imagine our actual wedding photos and how amazing they'll be.

There's also some really good out takes that she grabbed too. Those are some of the best moments to remember the laughs and fun we had!

photos by: Kait Swanson Photography

Some of my look details are linked below for you to shop. There's also a few other dress options I had been debating on to use for the shoot.

Orlando, FL