Hi ya lovelies,

It's time to be BAD! What I mean is, let's play a fun little game to countdown to Halloween.

Tis the season for villainous behavior. The Villain Challenge is going to consist of well the villains and their sidekicks. It's starting Monday 19th, you know the only way to countdown to Halloween with a 13 days full of spooky fun.

So if you already follow me on IG, then you know I've been talking about the Disney villains mash up with Gossip Girl. Lovies, these looks are insane and I'm so here for all of them. Like I'm living and loving! Make sure if you don't already follow my on IG to do so @laceloveandlaura (click HERE) That's where you'll be seeing the looks first! Although, I have already shared some sneak peaks of the pieces I've been getting to put the characters all together on my youtube (click HERE).

I'm super excited for this because I've never hosted a photo challenge before, so I would absolutely LOVE for you all to take part. Don't feel like you need to post every single day - I completely get it, little notice or not enough time to get it all ready. Also it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be! So like my posts are going to be like Disney bounds. This is where you take normal clothing, outfit items and piece them together to resemble the character. Obvi I'm throwing a Gossip Girl twist on them all though. If you want to go full out costume and cosplay by all means go for it! If you just have something that makes you feel like that villain take a pic with it and post about it. Example, I have a poison apple coffee mug... I could totally post "Enjoying my morning Brew" and that is obvi for the Evil Queen.

The days and what movies are being done are below. Make sure when you post to use the hashtag #xoxoVillainStyle this way I'll see all of your posts! I'll be sharing and commenting too :)

I can't wait to see what y'all come up with, let the Evil loose 😈



Taking care of our skin is one of the most important things we need to be on top of!

I'll be the first to admit I used to be terrible at taking care of my skin. I used to fall asleep at night with my make up on, and the next day just add more to it. This is bad in general, but usually having a cake face from performing the night prior is definitely a no-no. I am very grateful that I have been so lucky, not to have dealt with many breakouts. I don't really know how, seeing how bad I use to be, but thank you!

I am 100% on top of it now and have been for the past few years! We live in a world where no one wants to age, me included. But the thing is, is that there's so many products and surgical treatments people really don't have to. It's really quite crazy it think about. That's why a few years back I started taking care of my skin for prevention. If you start treating aging before it starts to show, you're going to be ahead of the game!

Now the products I'm reviewing today, aren't specifically for "anti-aging", but they most certainly will help in the process of prevention! I have talked to you lovelies about Tatcha products before, and recently I purchased some newbies that interested me. Now Tatcha is a great brand, most of their stuff is amazing, at least from things I've tried. With that being said they are a little on the pricier end of the scale.

In this skincare haul and review I'm going over their brand new face wash, the essence, and the silk peony eye cream. I highly recommend giving the review a watch if your interested in any of these 3 products, or you're looking to switch up things from what you're currently using. I will admit, I swore by another brand prior to trying this one's face wash, and I will never go back! That's how much I'm loving it.



I could not be more excited for all the Fall vibes to be rolling in! Now for the weather to just hop on board here in Florida.

hat @stateofsunshineco / mask @disneyaces - discount below

Lovelies, the spooky season is upon us here at Disney and I am so here for it! You better believe I was there on the First day for all the fall festive goodies. September 15, 2020 kicked off the season with all the Fall decor and yummy seasonal treats, along with super rare character sightings. I got it all in here for ya.


I was so excited to see all the festive themed Mickey pumpkins and the cutie cute scarecrows upon arrival. As I was getting to the toll booths that morning I was nervous, because there weren't the big blow up Mickey and Minnie pumpkins. I had a feeling already then that I was going to be let down, but I kept high hopes.

Walking up to the Magic Kingdom, again in front of the train station there's usually a huge Mickey pumpkin, and no pumpkin... Still holding out hope. Then when I got in to see the flag pole hub and no scarecrows were around I knew they didn't go all out this year. I was so sad about this, because the decor makes me so happy. I truly believe it's for them to try and keep crowds down for physical distancing regulations because you know people would gather and not pay attention to their spacing. Shoot it's already hard enough when it comes to merchandise keeping those 6 feet between parties, so I get it, but I really wish there would've been more.

They do have the Mickey pumpkin wreaths up on the light poles all along Mainstreet USA and the Castle hub. So at least we get a little more of the Fall vibes from them.


So many yummy seasonal Fall treats this year. I couldn't get them all in on this visit. Two of the main goodies I wanted was the Mickey Pumpkin Balloon popcorn bucket, which I was able to get! It's $18 and can get the popcorn in it or separate. They also have an Oogie Boogie bucket that's really fun for Halloween, also $18.

A new hot item this year is the Madame Leota sipper, and of course they're already sold out. I was so upset when I found this out after standing in line for 30mins. Luckily it was only 30mins and not an hour thanks to the one cast member who was checking the line for our order requests. Now I know the sipper came out like the week prior, but come on sold out and for the season... that is ridiculous and it's all due to the dumb ebay resellers. I seriously am so over them. They've been reselling merch for forever now for an up charge, but lately it is EVERYTHING! All the ears and all the special seasonal merch, it is insane. The ML sipper only is $15 at the park, but good luck finding one on ebay for under $50.

The other sweet treat I did try last Tuesday was the Constance's For Better or for Worse Wedding Cake. First, the look gets a 100! It's super pretty and detailed. A tripled tiered miniature wedding cake with white pearls and teal sparkles, along with a chocolate axe to slice through the goodness. The inside is a citrusy vanilla cake with a raspberry bavarian buttercream. The cake was very moist and had a great combination of flavors. If you're not a fan of citrus, then I wouldn't really recommend you trying. I liked it, but could def tell it was citrusy. You can get it from The Liberty Square Market for $6.29.

There's a few more tasty treats I'm eyeing to try, so stay tuned to my IG stories for my visits coming up at the end of the month!

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The things that made my heart most happy, the characters all dressed up in their Halloween costumes and the Villains taking over the parade routes. OMG y'all seriously don't know how much of a big little kid I am I don't think...

I absolutely love and always have loved watching the parades. Right now Disney isn't having their typical large parades. Instead they're showcasing miniature character cavalcades. Snd they do not disappoint! Yes, they are small. It's only one float that strolls down Mainstreet USA, but it fills my heart with joy seeing those characters. For Halloween they have some super cute ones too. They have Pooh and friends dressed in costumes on the trolly, then there's the Nightmare Before Christmas one with Jack, Sally, and Oogie. We can't forget about the Villains taking over which is so fun andddd they have the "Boo to You" Mickey float that is amazing. Mickey and gang are all dressed in my Halloween costumes and they're just the cutest.

I actually vlogged the entire day for all the festivities! So if you wanna see for yourselves how cute all the characters were and get those fall magic feels, take a peak HERE

I have some of the pieces I wore to linked below that I wore to create my looks for my up coming posts on the grams ;) Also, my mask info will be listed below too with my discount info for you!

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