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We all see lots of "getting ready" with me's from our fave influencers, but the nightly skincare routine also plays a big part in your over all beauty ritual.

I personally love a good night routine. It's so relaxing and really lets me focus on me as I unwind from the day. I have been testing a few newer products currently that I share all about in the video below. Everything from taking off my makeup, showering, and pampering after is all there!

Products I've been loving:

SkinCeuticals Anti Aging Cream

To be honest the first thing I love doing to kick of the night routine is pouring myself a glass of wine. It really helps in setting the mood to chill and take care of you!

After this, I start with the makeup... that cake face has got to go! For me I find it best to do this as soon as I get home. No kicking your feet up on the couch or eating dinner first, because if you're like me... we end up falling asleep dirty makeup face and all. So get that bevy and get your butt to the bathroom to wipe your face clean. Using a makeup wipe really isn't enough to clear that beautiful face though. After this first step, I'll wash my face usually with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Some nights I'll really go at it with a more intense scrub, but that's usually only once maybe twice a week if I'm really flaking. You need to be careful because you don't want to irritate your skin, but at the same time you need to shed off those dead skin cells.

It's time to hop in the shower now, the best part of the routine just letting the warm water hit you. For me this part is pretty basic: shampoo, condition, wash the bod... I share the products in the video above in interested in some of my haircare.

And after this it's time to dry off and moisturize! Especially in these colder months make sure you lotion always. No one like those dry elbows and knees or crackly hands, plus you'll feel better I promise.

Now I know there's not a lot of time some nights, but really let yourself have this time for you. You deserve it and it truly sets the tone for the evening to be peaceful and more enjoyable.

What's some you lovelies do for some relaxation in the evening hours? Let me know and until next week - Stay Lovely, Lovelies



The honeymoon continues!

If you missed pt 1 all about Oahu, you'll need to go back after checking out what took place in Maui. This was the second leg of the trip and even more adventures took place!

We were only in Maui for 3 nights and we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea. The view from our room was gorgeous again. Something about those Hawaii sunsets that just get you. Make sure to check the travel vlog below to see our room and the view we had from our balcony, incredible.

So elegant and beautiful. The views in general on these islands are just magical, but this was on the walking path down to the restaurant and pools/beach, and omg so so gorgeous. It was so cool you could walk out on this water area too.

And of course I took all the ring photos, as one should after just getting married! The photo doesn't even do my ring or the sunset justice.

Day 2 was our excursion on the Road to Hana.

This day was terrifying to say the least, but also so thrilling. We drove through death defying experiences, that you'll need to see for yourselves in the vlog below. I honestly think I had 10 heart attacks this day, but they were worth it for the experience!

The Road to Hana in short is driving along side a mountain with plummeting dives into the ocean. Making your way up the mountain to a town named Hana, then venturing all the way back down. Lots of cool things to see along the way including waterfalls and over looking views of the ocean. Feeling like your in the jungle making your way through the treacherous terrain, driving on narrow winding roads, around sharp turns from the cliff's corers... definitely an adventure to go on if you ever get the chance.

From one of the little coves we found along the drive. It had a secret little entry way that really made me feel like the little mermaid.

The same pull off point just another area where we climbed up the pathway to over look the water splashing into the rocks.

There were a few little food trucks/stands along the drive as well! This was the desert of the day: coconut ice cream! Make sure to travel with cash on you for this excursion though. All the stops take cash only, no cards, and there's no atms or service along the drive.

Day 3 we went up to Mt. Haleakala, and we definitely weren't prepared.

Of course the day we went it was super overcast, but luckily no heavy rain just light mists. We dressed in layers knowing that it was going to be cold at the top of the mountain, but my goodness it was unreal. Really it was the wind that was so intense. Definitely something we'll try again on our next visit back to the island since we didn't get to see too much really, but again the experience was so neat.

For the rest of our last day in Maui, once back from Mt. Haleakala we decided to just chill at the resort for some relaxing pool time. The pool area was quite cool as well! They had water slides connecting you from pool to pool, almost like a lazy river effect, but you had lounging pit stops if you liked. For dinner we ate at the resort again, but at the highly recommended: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a... or Humu Humu for short! This place was delicious and most definitely did not disappoint. We ended up ordering two different fish plates, which surprisingly while in Hawaii we didn't have that much of. The islands had a lot of pork offerings, just a heads up. But it was so good and the perfect way to end our honeymoon in Hawaii.

Like I mentioned, watch the travel vlog that's below because there are a ton of things you'll get to see that we experienced.

Until our next trip, stay safe and healthy lovelies!



Aloha lovelies, is the thing to say on a bright and beautiful hawaiian day!

So as you all probably are aware, Lar and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and oh my goodness was it amazing! This was my first time ever visiting the islands and they were beyond gorgeous.

Seriously everything about our trip was just beautiful and that's why I knew I needed to share it all with you as best I could. Our honeymoon started out at "the happiest place on earth," Disneyland! Of course I couldn't miss a trip to the parks while in California. I would highly recommend taking a travel break though if you ever do plan to visit Hawaii. The flights can be so long. For us coming from the east coast it was 5hrs to Cali, but then another 5hrs from there to the islands. So splitting the trip was definitely a smart plan and I'm so glad Larry set it up that way!

Disneyland and California Adventure were great ways to start out our getaway. I'm such a Disney fanatic that getting to have those moments wearing the "just married" buttons and ears meant so much to me.

Next stop on our trip was, Oahu!

We stayed at Aulani a Disney resort during our 6 nights on Oahu, and wow oh wow was it amazing! The entire resort was just so beautiful. We got lucky and stayed on the top floor (16th) and they gave us one of the sweetest views I think you could get. Our room looked out to the center of the pool/courtyard, but not only could we see this amazing view, but we could also look out to the ocean! It was absolutely breath taking.

We experienced fine dining, our first luau, traveled along the North Shore... where we even got to see a live surf competition, and discovered one of the locals favorite treats - shave ice! There's so much more and pretty sure you'll want to see our experiences for yourselves.

Our Oahu Travel vlog is linked here:

There's more to share from the second portion of our honeymoon, so stay tuned for that next week.

Trust there were even more adventures we partook in on Maui!



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