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A Cohesive Feed

Does your feed look appealing to the eye? Does it create an aesthetic? Have a mood? What kind of vibe do you give off as a person?

These are all questions to ask yourself while planning your content for social media!

I think one of the biggest tips I could share with others interested in the influencing market or just wanting to create a "prettier" page for themselves is to apply a theme to your feed. Set the mood so people visiting your profile know what type of personality you have. Is it light and airy, bright and bubbly, or possibly even dark and mysterious?! There's no right answer - it's whatever YOU want it to be, but making it cohesive simply is more attractive to a viewer scrolling and will encourage them to stay on your feed browsing longer. Which in the end that's what we all want, in hopes they enjoy what we're about and possibly even interest them to hit the "follow" button!

One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a preset.

Not sure what a "preset" is? Don't worry I'll fill you in. Basically it's like a filter that can be applied to any photo. Think about lighting adjustments and color corrections done in a tap. Add the same photo editing corrections to a batch of photos. Yes please! Talk about a time saver!!

Now there's a ton out there in today's market and you want to make sure you're not getting ripped off from buying some creator's presets at an over priced rate. Yes it takes a lot of time for us creators to create and tweak our presets, and yes some have better knowledge within making them... but please don't fall into the trap spending over $20 - $30 for 1 single preset. That is absurd. Think of that extra Starbucks or glass of wine or two you'll be able to get for that amount.

Once you have it on your phone in the Lightroom Mobile app (free in the app store), you'll feel like a professional photo editor. All of your pictures will be easily edited with again 1 tap! They'll all look cohesive and after a week of constantly posting your newly edited pictures you'll see the dramatic difference in you feed's aesthetic. I promise you, it makes a difference.

For those of you who are interested in how I edit my pictures, I have my very own preset, "Blush Baby." Take a peak at my IG feed here to see the vibe. I try to go for the light and airy with a pink glow! I do have "Blush Baby" for sale at $10. If you're interested shoot me a DM on Insta, mention the secret word "Princess" and get it for $8! We'll go over everything from there ;)

Here's some examples with


*added sparkle effect from another app separately

You can get the feel!

Even if you're not wanting or looking to buy a preset today, I hope this tip has given you some ideas on how you want your feed's aesthetic to really appeal to new viewers. You can see a huge difference in these before and afters with how photo editing really makes all the difference and really make your image pop!

LMK if this was helpful! Would you like more insights on influencer tips?





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