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Which Powder Actually Works

With so many brands out there and a new one popping up on the daily it seems, which setting powders actually do work? Which are wroth the money?

Let's talk the newest on the market I decided to try:


I was so excited purchasing this new talc free powder! That's right it's talc free, which is awesome and the reasoning behind why I bought it. Well, besides that factor the rest of this product was a flop. I felt as it didn't really give me a full coverage finish and packing in my concealer with this just led to tons of creases. This powder also left a yellowish tint wherever it was placed. So for $50, I'd say this one definitely isn't worth it.

Charlotte Tilbury

One of my fan faves! I've been using the CT airbrush flawless finish powder for years now, and it's one I always end up circling back to. It does a great job as for setting and is nice and light weight. Also, the packaging is so sleek and chic! The only downfall is the price for the value.

Coty AirSpun

So this drug store powder was a brand I kept hearing about and wanted to see what it was all about for myself. Now on the plus side it is only like $7! That's a great price especially for the amount in this tub. The worst part about this product is that it seriously smells like grandma's house or something. The scent is so hard to get past for myself, especially while powdering my nose. If you're able to get past the fragrance, it does do a pretty good job of setting and helping to conceal those fine lines. You just may experience some extra dryness after a few days of using, so make sure to moisturize regularly.


Now this is one that I feel should most definitely hold up to it's name, but unfortunately it does not. They rave this brand for tattoo coverage so you would think it would be the best powder out there to hold that said coverage in place, but for me this was not great and did not hold up worth while. It set well, but within an hour it started cracking and I felt as if it accentuated fine lines I was trying to cover.

Too Faced

No this one was a keeper! Finally one of the new ones I tested out seemed to work well. The Born This Way from Too Faced does last all day! It does cover and help minimize those fine lines with minimal cracking! It also has hyaluronic acid that helps to plump and maintain a more youthful appearance.

So after these trials I would highly recommend two of them: Charlotte Tilbury or Too Faced. I feel as if these both worked the best and lasted all day. They are luxury brands so you'll pay a little bit more but it's most definitely worth it.

If you'd like to see the trials for yourself you can check out my YouTube to see how they all lasted throughout the days wear.



Shop them below:


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