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Our Hawaiian Honeymoon, p1

Aloha lovelies, is the thing to say on a bright and beautiful hawaiian day!

So as you all probably are aware, Lar and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and oh my goodness was it amazing! This was my first time ever visiting the islands and they were beyond gorgeous.

Seriously everything about our trip was just beautiful and that's why I knew I needed to share it all with you as best I could. Our honeymoon started out at "the happiest place on earth," Disneyland! Of course I couldn't miss a trip to the parks while in California. I would highly recommend taking a travel break though if you ever do plan to visit Hawaii. The flights can be so long. For us coming from the east coast it was 5hrs to Cali, but then another 5hrs from there to the islands. So splitting the trip was definitely a smart plan and I'm so glad Larry set it up that way!

Disneyland and California Adventure were great ways to start out our getaway. I'm such a Disney fanatic that getting to have those moments wearing the "just married" buttons and ears meant so much to me.

Next stop on our trip was, Oahu!

We stayed at Aulani a Disney resort during our 6 nights on Oahu, and wow oh wow was it amazing! The entire resort was just so beautiful. We got lucky and stayed on the top floor (16th) and they gave us one of the sweetest views I think you could get. Our room looked out to the center of the pool/courtyard, but not only could we see this amazing view, but we could also look out to the ocean! It was absolutely breath taking.

We experienced fine dining, our first luau, traveled along the North Shore... where we even got to see a live surf competition, and discovered one of the locals favorite treats - shave ice! There's so much more and pretty sure you'll want to see our experiences for yourselves.

Our Oahu Travel vlog is linked here:

There's more to share from the second portion of our honeymoon, so stay tuned for that next week.

Trust there were even more adventures we partook in on Maui!



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