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My Top 5 Holiday Lips

My Top 5 Holiday Lips

My Top 5 Holiday Lips

My Top 5 Holiday Lips


Mac: Diva Antics | Mac: Russian Red | Bobbi Brown: Your Majesty | Mac: Studded Kiss | Mac: Dare You

Tis the Season to wear some bold and beautiful lips!

I am a lover for lipstick always, but for some reason unless it's the Holidays I don't typically find myself wearing a lot of red or burgundy lipsticks. Why... well that's a good question?!

I don't know if it's just something I've built into my brain that I can't or if throughout the rest of the year I feel like a more subtle lip matches my attire better, maybe I'm scared of smudging... idk, but that doesn't stop me for the holiday season!

I love a good red lip at this time of year especially!

My choices may look similar above, but these are my top 5 picks out of my makeup stock I currently own. They're all similar yes, but slightly different. I think if you find a shade that looks good with your complexion stick with it and only veer ever so slightly.

I'll start furthest left in the above pic of my hand:

1. Diva Antics is a great option for more of a deep berry tone.

2. Russian Red, well this is my no brainer go to RED! It's bold and a true blue red. It typically looks great on all and really makes a lip pop.

3. Your Majesty is the only Bobbi Brown lip I got up there, and her lips first of all are so creamy. They always make my lips feel hydrated, which is a must in a bold lip. No dry flakey lips allowed, ewe. This is perfect for a vibrant deep burgundy lip.

4. Studded Kiss, similar color to the Bobbi Brown pick but more matt.

5. Dare You is a great option for the in-between burgundy and red. It's still a deep burgundy/wine, but has a touch more of red in the mix that makes this the perfect combo of both worlds.

Oh and also, you'll see my FAVE lip gloss below too. Buxom has released the perfect holiday limited edition sparkling gloss, that I have been wearing day in and day out over every color. I'm not one to have super glossed up lips, but just a little dab of this in the middle bottom lip, oh adds so much! It not only gives you a little glossy glitter look, but it makes your lips look plumper and more pouty! Give it a try, I know you'll see what I'm talking about.

Enjoy doing yourself up in a beautiful and bold lip this season!




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