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My Perfect Christmas Tree

My Perfect Christmas Tree

My Perfect Christmas Tree


Tree: Target | Rug: Rugs USA via Amazon | Blanket: Amazon

Ok y'all, so no joke there is a ROSE GOLD Christmas Tree!

I'm sure you know me by now, but if you haven't picked up on it yet Rose Gold is my absolute FAVORITE!!!

Just last week when I was at the studio starting out class, the ladies were talking about how the new Target commercial that's out reminds them of me... ya know the one with Barbie and My Little Pony and millennial pink...

Well, I was totally like I know exactly what you're talking about and yes it so is me LOL especially when My Little Pony says Rose Gold. So kindly enough my good friend Rebecca said no there is such a thing, and of course I didn't believe her at first because we bullshit each other so much hah.

But sure enough there is and now I own it :)

I kind of went a little over board while there that night, I mean like when do you not when you're at that store. For serious though I also had a 20% coupon from Black Friday shopping so I definitely was throwing everything in my cart and figured I could decide later and bring what I didn't really need back. So I gathered some cute snow white and silver glass blown ornaments with nothing else but snowflakes on them and these little pink glitter trees along with an adorable snowman to set under the tree. I loved this cream faux fur tree skirt, and bought it, but I felt too guilty so I took it back. It was $45 for a tree skirt...

I mean really, I couldn't

Thankfully amazon to the rescue. I got the idea just to order a faux fur blanket which first of all was cheaper and secondly I can have a blanket to use once this tree comes down...and omg this blanket is so so sooooo soft! Shop it HERE, you definitely will be happy with it and enjoy those snuggly days on the couch.

Hope you all are ready or finishing up those final touches for Christmas. I can't believe it's only a week away. I def feel a little behind this year, but that hasn't changed my festive cheer and love for the season :)


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