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Glam Lashes in Seconds

Hi my pretties,

I've had a lot of questions about how I do my fake lashes so well. Well first things first, I've honestly been wearing falsies since I was like five! Not really, but pretty darn close to it because of growing up competing in dance competitions. So I'll list the steps below for you and what I use. Also, check out my YouTube today too, because I have a full on tutorial posted there of me actually applying them for you to see ;)

Glam Lashes in Seconds


lashes: 82s (from work), but these are awesome HERE | case: amazon | glue: House of Lashes


1. I usually will snip about 3-4 lashes off the outer ends of my lashes. This is just because I find the band too long for my eye and they always end up poking me... so I just trim them slightly shorter.

2. Take your glue of choice, I'm using "House of Lashes" in the white. This particular glue is a wand style which is awesome! Simply brush a light coating onto the lash. You really don't need a lot. This stuff particular is super sticky in a good way.

3. I let it get tacky first. I either will blow on the lash or wave it for like a hot second. Not long at all.

4. Place your falsie on your lid! Now usually most would tell you to place right along your lash line, and this is true ... but I have a trick to make your eye look bigger. So on the inner end of the lash I place this right along my lash line, but as I place the outer edge of the lash down I take it slightly up away from my lash line. Not anything crazy, just a little higher so your lash is on angle. After your lash is placed on your lid, gently press it down to make sure the glue sticks.

5. After the eyelash is glued down, I quickly while the glue is still wet press up on your falsies. So open your eye and look up to press your fake lash up to a more standing position. This helps in the drying process to keep them lifted creating a bigger more cat eye effect!

6. Voilá! You're finished. All I do from here is add my liquid black eyeliner to make the lash line richer looking, and add mascara. I do use mascara after my falsies. I know some say never to do this, but it helps keep them lifted and blend in with your real lashes.

I hope these steps all made sense and that they'll help you the next time you try wearing fake eyelashes. If you have any questions just leave a comment below. Don't forget if you're a more visual learner to head to my tutorial HERE!


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