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Magnetic Eyelashes

Hi ya lovelies,

I've finally hopped on this new trend of the magnetic eyelash craze. It sounds so crazy I know, and honestly I was skeptical of it working. That's why I held out so long trying them out.

I must say though, the Moxie Lashes that got sent to me work quite amazing!

It actually is super simple. Basically the eyeliner is a liquid magnet liner that the lashes stick to. They sent me a complete set to test out and I'm sharing my thoughts with y'all only because I actually do think they are great! It was super easy to apply and they weren't bothersome at all. The only downside I feel I had an issue with was the eyeliner. It kinda felt like it was already dried out upon receiving, so it made it harder to line my eyes. Maybe I got a faulty tube, or maybe that's how it feels with it being magnetic idk. That's the only downfall though. The lashes them selves are gorgeous! I got two pairs. One is a more natural look and the other is definitely for the glam occasions.

You can see the tutorial of me applying the Moxie Lashes on my IGTV! Simply click HERE to view how simple and easy they are to apply.


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