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New Fall Sephora Haul

Hi lovelies,

It's Makeup Monday - so you know what that means...

MORE MAKEUP!!! & Skincare!

I recently purchased a few new products that I wanted to test out and I got the full details on them in this blast post ONLY. So if you're reading you get to not only see what I got, but y'all will get the down-lo too. I've been using these prods for the last few days/week and will let you know my thoughts what's good or not so good.


So if y'all have been following me you know I recently just tested out a bajillion different foundations... drugstore & luxury! I broke out like a little high schooler you're welcome lol, but I now know all the deetz on these beauty picks. You can check out the Drugstore Haul HERE. As for the Luxury Haul click HERE to watch. I bought three foundations from this Sephora haul though for that high end video and I will say the Charlotte Tilbury and Estee Lauder ones were my favorite! The Ultra HD was pure shit. Def do not recommend trying that one, but the other two are awesome full coverage foundation options. I ended up keeping the CT just because I felt like it wore better for me throughout my long days and the color I think matched just the slightest bit better. Also, the bottle... I mean come on it's a beaut!

My new ABH Norvina palette is so so fun! I love how bright and pigmented the colors are. So I'm not gonna lie, I don't really own any bright popping colors like this palette has that's why I wanted it. Looking at it is a little intimidating because I don't know what colors to put with what lol. I'm working on my artist skills though so I can bring you more fun makeup looks! So stay tuned because I've been playing and I got some in the works ;)


Moving onto the most important step in our process to staying young, the skincare routine. So I got a pretty religious routine already, but I've been hearing about a couple new products I wanted to test out and add in to see if I could see any difference for the better or not. Lately I've been hearing a lot about using retinol for anti aging. So I picked up this Murad serum to test out, and so far I really like it and believe it's working. I've been using for at least two weeks now and I def feel like my skin looks brighter and is more firm. Which means less wrinkles too! Along with this serum I just had to test out these Peter Thomas Roth 24k gold eye patches. Hahaha I know it seems crazy, but I'm a sucker and bought these pricey little slimeys to slap on my under eyes. I've been a little reserved with using these because so pricey, but I have used a few days now when I'm feeling a little extra puffy in that region and I have to say it does the trick! No more puff. No more swolleness. It's nice and firm feeling, and my makeup applies sooooo smoothly! I love them! I slap them on under my eye for about 10/15 mins then I flip over to the crows feet area for another 10/15. Hands down love, just use sparingly.

Lastly, the Foreo Luna 2. Another gadget to help with keeping that youth and beautiful bright skin, and it truly is magic. I love it! I had the Luna mini, but I wanted to test out the newer ones on the market and the L2 had the best reviews. It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and really helps to clean the skin and unclog pores from that makeup debris. I use it nightly with my Tula face wash and I feel so refreshed after. I will say to be careful of over using or pushing too hard. I have pretty sensitive skin and using this morning and night was too intense for me and made my face more irritable while applying makeup. So I took it back a notch and def just let the lightly scrubbing vibrations do the trick. Now just bright, beautiful, firm looking skin :)

You can see all these products in my new Sephora Haul on YT today, click HERE... but y'all are the only ones getting my personal review of these items. So thank you for reading and getting the scoop.




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