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No Makeup, Makeup

Hi ya Lovelies,

First of all - I hope you all are doing ok and are staying home or if going out you're being extra cautious. This COVID-19 is no joke! It may seem silly because it's such an unreal feeling, but if we all do our part we can get pass this faster! Now, that I'm done with my shortened rant, back to your your regularly scheduled blog post ;)

I have had a lot of requests lately on my IG about wanting more natural makeup looks. So I thought it would be a good idea to share a "No Makeup, Makeup" look with y'all. You all know I'm a performer and I am constantly wearing a full face of garb. So as nice as it is going without any for a day, it's also terrifying and I don't feel like myself. You get so use to looking at something that when it's off in the slightest you just feel OFF.

My goal was to complete this look using only 5 products. I'm gonna make you watch to find out if I was able to do so ;)

This look is very simple, and perfect if you're a beginner. I by no mean am a MUA (makeup artist). I like to play and share what works for me! So I hope you enjoy and that this gives you ideas or tricks for perfecting a simple makeup look.




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