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Morning Skincare Routine

Hi ya lovelies,

Seeing that we're all doing a lot of stay at home things lately, I thought I'd update you on my morning skincare routine. I promise that it's super quick and simple!

I do not use a lot of products when it comes to taking care of my skin. I believe that if you're on top of taking care of yourself daily then a ton of products aren't really necessary. I understand if you are more prone to acne or other types of break outs that may be a different case, but if your diligent about your skincare morning and night then you're helping yourself out in the end.

I filmed a GRWM (get ready with me) the other morn to how you exactly what I do and what I use. You can view it below. Just know that I have normal to dry skin and it's very sensitive so the prods that I'm using work well for me and if you need to try something different these may work for you too.




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