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A Main Summer Essential

So it's Summer lovelies, and you know what that means... lots of fun in the sun!

Now if you're like me, you might not have the greatest luck with a nice sun kissed glow. So we head to a self tanner for help! I have tried plenty of different brands and that's actually another post I'll work on for y'all, but today we're focusing on a new brand, Sunkissed Bella.

Not gonna lie to y'all I had never heard of this brand until they reached out to me on Insta, but boy am I sure glad they did! Yes, I was gifted this tanning kit, but I am creating this review all on my own because I enjoyed the product so much. I know I appreciate knowing the scoop when looking into others product reviews so hopefully this will do the same for you.


First off, the packing is so freakin cute! Like total vintage beach babe vibes with the pinstripe pink. Also, cuddos on the amazing box my kit came in. Y'all know I'm a sucker for packaging, but I know I'm not alone.

About the Product

Being 100% honest with you all this product felt so rich and luxurious. The mousse is dark, which I love. You can see exactly where it's going or where you've missed. It spreads smoothly and dries crazy fast. The best part I noticed in comparison to other brands, is that as you're cooking you don't start to stink! That's the worse part about self tanning, and with SKB I didn't have that at all.


After dreaming the night away about my gorgeous tan... I woke up to it being true! The color is perfection. It has a nice olive undertone. There's no hint of orange at all. Even after I rinsed it off, I still had a tan. That's another thing I hate - after taking all that time to apply and then you gotta rinse and it all goes away. No thank you! There's def discolor in the shower, but once out it remained on my body as well.

I used the "Bronzed" which is the medium/dark shade and tbh I go light when applying. I was so pleased with my results and most def have added SKB to my summer essential list! I do have a discount code for y'all if you need and want to test out a new self tanner.

Use: Laura20 for 20% off

Get ready now for more product reviews from SKB too, there's lots to come!

Hope you lovelies are staying safe and healthy as things are opening back up.




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