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Budget Wedding Dresses

We all know weddings are crazy expensive, but I don't think we actually really really understand and realize how costly they are until you are the one planning one. Especially when it comes to wedding dresses, it is shocking how much they can be.

Well I did some hunting for either super cost efficient dresses for your magical day or for any of the bridal occasions and event leading up to your big day! These dresses are all under $200! Impressive right, I was shocked when shopping for these too.

Loving this all lace boho chic gown! The sleeves and off the shoulder is hitting just right with this one. I will recommend ordering tts... I typically size up with long sleeve items because of my long monkey arms, but this one was pretty big on me because of that.

Adorable and sweet little lace midi. Again the off the shoulder is one of my fave looks. It's such a romantic feel to it. I could totally see this for a cute bridal tea party or shower, and it's under $100. Runs tts.

Your sexy honeymoon dinner dress or if your having a simplistic beach wedding, Even a rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party look would be great for this dress! Under $80 and tts.

Now for my fave out of the bunch, this boho mermaid is everything! The open back is so sexy, and if you know how I've been shredding for the wedding then you know I'm all about showing off those hard earned muscles. The train OMG, gorgeous!! And there's a slit, like what so so dramatic, yet sweet with the all over lace. This one is a little on the higher side, but worth it and runs tts.

Now if you would like to get more of the details on these looks you can watch the complete try on haul on my YT. I break down all the specs and the accessories I've paired with them.

Shop the looks here

Stay tuned on my Instagram to see daily style inspiration and fitness transformation as I shred for the big day! More wedding and other fun things coming your way.




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