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His Perfect Wedding Band

Finding his perfect wedding band has never been easier!

To be honest I wasn't sure when I was going to get to go shopping for Lar's wedding band due to his traveling work schedule. Luckily Jordan Jack made this super easy and way more possible for us to do this and together. Basically, we got to select 5 bands and they ship them out to you. So in the convince of your own home you can try them on. Knowing your size would most definitely help in this case lol. That was the only thing we struggled on with the first box.

Once you receive the bands you get to test them out and see which style is most fitting. They were so kind to actually let us choose a second box once the first was sent back to make absolutely sure Lar knew which one was for him.

Having this at home session I feel like was so nice also and it didn't add any pressure like when your in store to make a decision right away. Jordan Jack even will custom engrave the ring for free too!

For Larry it was harder because to be honest he's not much of a jewelry kinda guy, so the rings in general all felt weird to him. This is why he ended up choosing the shiny white gold. He's more of a silver guy first and also it has a very low profile, meaning it's super thin in comparison to some of the other rings that were thicker.

Now that he's decided the perfect band for him, I just need to figure out to engrave or not to engrave.

More wedding updates on the way, stay tuned!




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