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Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Hey lovelies,

We know how important taking care of our skin is, but for some reason we tend to forget about the tools we use on our face daily and taking care of those things. I'm not gonna lie, I've been there too. Going months without cleaning my makeup brushes! Did you ever stop and think, HOLY GROSSNESS?!? Because that's what comes to mind for me.

Our makeup brushes, sponges, or whatever tools we use on our face are just as important to clean and take care of as our skin care routine. We spend so much money and time morning and night washing our faces with expensive cleaners or scrubs. And don't forget a cream for every little thing. Well, especially if you're like me you use your tools every day and those tools need to be getting cleaned every 7-10 days for the best care. I mean think about the build up on those bristles, day after day after day. Yuk. That's why I'm sharing my cheap and easy technique with you all.

There's no secret, I use dish soap to get the grime out of my brushes. That's it. I will admit that I use a rubber mitt that definitely helps get in between all those little bristles though. That's optional, but it's inexpensive, and has lasted me for years. So it's definitely money well spent.

Watch my routine below, you can thank me later when your brushes feel soft and your skin isn't breaking out from dirty tools being used.

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this time!




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