Girly Natural Look

Hi lovelies,

It's been a little since I've shared the details on some of my makeup looks. So I thought today would be nice to inform you on my recent go to. It's super natural, nice and easy for multiple occasions. Wear this for errands or working out, or totally rock this for your daytime activities. You can even take it into date night by simply intensifying the application.

Ok so here it is. I'll list out all the products that I used and explain to my best on the steps. Sorry no video tutorial on today's look...


primer -Monistat

foundation - Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless

concealer - Tarte Shape Tape

powder - CT Airbrush Flawless

brow pencil - Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

brow pen - MAC Shape & Shade

brow gel - ABH

highlight - MAC Soft & Gentle

eyeshadows - MAC (girly, soft brown, orb)

eyeliner - MAC

mascara - Too Faced Damn Girl

lip primer - MAC plenty of pout

blush - NARS (orgasm)

lip liner - MAC (whirl)

lipstick - CT (dance floor princess)

setting spray - MAC Fix+ Magic Radiance


sponge - Beauty Blender *this is a great deal right now!

eyebrows - ABH

powder - MAC 116 (similar to mine)

highlight - MAC 159

blush - MAC 168

crease - MAC 221

shadow - MAC 287 (similar to the 234, no longer sold)

eyeliner - MAC 219

hair clips - Amazon

bush holder - Hollis

train case - Hollis


  1. Apply your primer. Yes, I use monistat on my face. I know, I know - why would I do that... Well it's the freakin same at the Smashbox Photo Finish and for a fraction of the cost, that's why. It's literally the majority of the same ingredients and it blurs your pores and lines to perfection.

  2. Wet your sponge and squeeze it into a towel to get the excess water out.

  3. Apply your foundation. I use the sponge to blend all over and down neck. I love the CT because it gives me a full coverage flawless look that actually lasts all day! Even through sweating and performing. It's my favorite.

  4. Apply concealer with tip end of sponge. You're painting on tribal makeup at this time. Down the bridge of your nose, and don't forget the tip. Place a small triangle right between your eyebrows. Draw triangles under your eyes. Dot your chin, cupid's bow, and bottom corners of lips. The extra around the lips isn't needed unless you're going for that extra plump look in the end.

  5. Set the concealer with powder! You don't need a lot - too much will make you look dry and cakey. Pat & press the powder on to the places you just put your concealer. Sweeping will cause streaks... no thank you!

  6. Highlight! Make small circular motions around the outer corner of your eyes by your temples. Kind of like a "C" shape. Carry it to the tops of the apples of your cheeks. Dust the tip of your nose, the bridge of your nose, slight between your brows, the cupid's bow, and dab your chin. Basically almost everywhere the concealer went ; )

  7. Time to shape your brows. The biggest tip I can share with you is go light and add a little at a time. I gotta fill my brows in so much and to make them seem as natural as possible you need to take your time, gently add shape with a pencil and brush the color upwards to blend. My holy grail brow product is the Shape + Shade from MAC, omg it makes my brows look sculpted and like I had them micro bladed! Like 100% I'm not shitting you, get this product! With the pencil you'll shape, then brush to blend. Next you create the hairlike little flecks and brush to smooth out - Brows on Fleek!