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Lady Tremaine Fit

Sharing a little Villain inspo in this finally week leading up to Halloween!

If you lovelies follow my on Instagram then you already know I have created a photo challenge for us all to participate in for funsies. It's the #xoxoVillainStyle challenge, and it's not to late to play and post some of your own villain inspirations. Head to my post HERE for the details!

I thought it would be nice for those of you who are subscribed to my blog though to share the details and inspo about each fit! Some have been harder than others, but all in all it has been so fun doing.


Her look was one on the simpler side. I found this burgundy dress on Shein, and knew it would work for her. The high neck and sleeves made it! This dress also could have worked for Mother Gothel, but I was feeling the wicked Stepmother instead.

I already had the "glass slipper" at home. Those are actually a designer look a like I found off of amazon. They're quite nice on for a Louboutin look under $50! The cream booties are new from Nordies, and they have other colors. Lovelies, they are soooo comfortable! Like I may need another color in them, that's how much I love this lace up style. So victorian and y'all know I'm here for that inspo. Lastly, the necklace I made with supplies from Michael's. She wears a teal pendant necklace and this totally completed the look.

I pulled half my hair back to give the idea of her bouffantness updo and that was that.

You can shop the look below and I'll have my discount codes listed too. See the IG post HERE. Stay tuned for lots more this week.



*Shein 15% off "T3LoveLaura"


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