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Sleek Straight Strands

Hey lovelies,

What's up?! I found a tool that has helped cut my hair drying and styling time like in half, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Now, I have pretty thin hair as it is... it's thin, but I got a lot of it. Also, it doesn't dry bone straight after a shower. If I let it jut air dry, I def get some weird waves. Could it be worse? Yes, I know it could, but I recently got the The Doubleshot from Drybar and I absolutely love it. It's a blowdryer brush. So bam, two in one! I am the absolute worse when it comes to using a round brush while blow drying. Screw that shit, now it's all built in... THANK YOU!

It's like giving yourself a blow out at home. It works so good. Now if you have thicker or curlier hair, unfortunately I don't know your fate with this tool. I'd def say give it a shot though. You got nothing to lose, because you can always just return it if it doesn't work for you.

I got my first impression from the unboxing below and showing you how it made my locks shiny silky and smooth for the most gorgeous sleek straight strands I've ever had.




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