Wreath Making 101

WREATH: Custom made by ME via Michael's

Surprisingly I have found a hobby that has been super relaxing and quite fun to create, and this is Door Wreath making! Haha, such a country girl thing to do but I love it. It's not very hard either, and the best thing is, is that you can make it look like whatever you want.

I get all my supplies from Michael's. All you really need is a wreath, flowers, ribbon, and a glue gun! It's so simple. I typically use these wooden stick wreaths because I like the more rustic feel it gives off, also it makes it easy to decorate. Choose flowers to your liking or according to the season is always a good option and pick up some wide width ribbon to create your bow, and viola. You'll see below I use a wire cutter too, this just makes it easier to cut through thicker stems, it's not needed though a scissor will work just fine.

First, start with laying out your flowers. I will cut all the stems apart so the flowers are separated and easier to see the layout. Next, simply start sticking the stems through the wreath in the desired place and if it's where you want it add the hot glue and you're set.

Second, it's time to create your Bow(s). There's a few ways I've done this, but the easiest is to figure out how big you want it... roll out the ribbon and fold it over, eye ball the middle to see if the ends are big enough. Once you find the desired shape, cut the ribbon and glue the ends together... It'll look like a circular band. Next cut another small piece off and glue the top and bottom ends together to make skinnier. This will be your center portion of the bow. If you want tails, cut two pieces to the length you want and narrow out the top part that you attach behind the bow before you wrap the center around to connect it all.

See below...

Once the Bow is placed and glue continue to add flowers until it looks perfect to you. And there you have it, a perfect little addition to help add that homey feeling to your front door.





Orlando, FL