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Weekend Get Away

BAG: Henri Bendel (two options HERE & HERE) | SWEATER: Free People | JEANS: AG jeans | SHIRT: Tobi | FLANNEL: BDG via Urban Outfitters (similar HERE & HERE) | BOOTIES: B.P. via Nordstrom | BRACELET: Henri Bendel | CUFF: Henri Bendel | BRACELET: The Styled Collection

Everyone loves a short weekend get away to get your mind off things and be free. Well this weekend my honey and I are heading to Atlanta for supercross!!! Haha, Say What... is probably what you're thinking, but yes I like a good dirt bike race especially because it's what my guy does in his spare time. So thrilling, and nerve racking at the same time!

Anyways, even though it's a short trip it still requires packing. Sound the doom and gloom horn (dun dun dunnnnn). It is so hard being a girl when it comes to packing, but I promise there is a way to consolidate and keep it as simple as possible.

First things first, plan your outfits according to each other as much as possible. For instance take your shoe of choice and build separate outfits from there. That way you only need to deal with one pair for the trip that'll be taking up space in your bag. Also, jeans are easy to mix match with and you can wear them a few times before needing to be thrown into the hamper. I can't tell you how much this saves space for me in my luggage.

The same goes for your accessories! Pick out items that'll go with each outfit for the most part. Of course if you have a statement piece that you wanna rock with a look take it, but keeping it basic and simple will help in the long run. Only take the necessary make up and toiletries. If you're like me, I'm sure you have a million eye shadows and lip sticks in your make up bag, but take it out and figure which ones you really need to match your outfits. You'll be surprise how much less you think you need.

Hope this little tid bit will help out for your next weekend get away.



P.S. These HB tote bags are the SH*T! So cute and stylish and holds plenty for your weekend get away.


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