Dappering it up at Disney

DRESS: MXXUN via Amazon | PURSE: Henri Bendel | SHOES: Kate Spade | FLOWERS: DIY by me via Michael's & Dreamtime Creations | JEWELRY: Henri Bendel | SUNGLASSES: Ily Mix (20% off use code: LACE20)

For all my Disney fans out there who are obsessed just as much as me, I'm sure you've heard of Dapper Day at Disney! Oh my goodness, it's so incredibly cute and sweet seeing all the groups of people from friends, family, and couple outfits being decked to the nines in vintage wear playing and having fun in the parks. It gives you that nostalgia of the olden days when folks got dresses up in their Sunday best for wherever they went.

I'd always wanted to go, but either was always busy working or out of town but finally I got my chance to attend this year and it was so neat!

Aren't these topiaries incredible too?!! Lucky for us it also was Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival going on so we got to see the beautiful pieces of art all made from different flowers and plants. So cool, and good smelling too ;)

Of course I had to go as my favorite little Queeny, but you may be wondering why I'm wearing green then... Well I mixed it up a tad and went as Elsa from Frozen Fever. It's the cute little short that was released a fews years ago. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely check it out. It was perfect though because I got to Disney Bound as her and it was so totally Spring!

And y'all know me with my crafting well I had to make some pretty pink flowers to scatter through my braid and yes it was a DIY project that took less than an hour to make. All I took was a pink artificial rose I had left over from my spring wreath I created. Took the rose and pulled the stem off to take apart. 5 individual full flowers came off they just varied in size. Basically I took the middle sized flower to create the full flower for the top hair accessory and added a variety of shades of pink rhinestones to make it sparkle. After this all I did was glue it to one of those pop clips and it was done. I wanted more petals though to put through out my braid so all I did was rip off a few petals and sewed them how I wanted them to lay. Added some stones to them how I liked and Ta Da! All I did was bobby pinned them into my braid the day of, so easy and pretty.

Awe, my baby makes me so happy!

Just like Lady and the Tramp, he charms me and gives me the butterflies even if not in the most smooth way. Love you to pieces baby!!!

Last from our experience at Dapper Day was the butterfly house. This was pretty neat because it was this enclosed little area that was full of butterflies and cocoons... which I had never actually seen. Pretty neat to get an up close look and although I had no luck getting one of these pretty little creatures to land on my finger it was still exciting getting to see so many flutter around you. And how cool is this painting?! Thought I'd just take a quick flight ;)

Disney Dapper Day was definitely an experience I thoroughly enjoyed, although walking around the park in heels haha not so much... I learned my lesson for next time (maybe).

Until Fall, now to prep and think which character I'll do next.



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