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This past weekend was amazing!

Visiting with friends is always good, but it's even better to make a vacation out of it to simply relax and have a chill time good company. This past weekend was just that. We took the weekend and drove over to Pensacola to stay with friends and see the Blue Angels Air Show... which by far is one of the coolest things I've seen. The entire trip was just so nice to catch up with Robert and Kristen, hang out, enjoy some food and drinks, and have some good laughs. Everyday pretty much consisted of ridin and beachin. I'd say that's pretty fun in itself.

I also realized I never went into detail about this super cute maxi I came across at Target! It's a dupe for Ulla Johnson from Barney's, and definitely has made it into my summer staples. I adore the flare shoulder and the ruffle bottom. Super super cute and only like $30 from Target!

You can see me featured rocking this dress on Target's Awesomeshop:

Fun Sleeves article

This Ruffle Dress article

Of course we had to venture over to the fish dock too to check out what Captain Joe Patti had in store for us. And that would be a hole lot of FISH! I had never been to an actual fish market and dang there's so many types of fish I had no idea there were that many to pick from when it came to cuisine. "New Horizon" is one of the boats they still use to take out and gather for our dining delights.

You couldn't tell I'm a dancer at all...

We had just a little bit of fun as you can see!

Love my beach bum so much! He lived in board shorts the entire weekend lol

Boys will be boys. Always being tough and strong...

the boat won ;)

Where else to do Sunday brunch rather than at McGuire's?! Robert and Kristen have told us about this place before, but they're always so busy so never had gotten the chance to check it out. Finally we brunched it up for a super filling delicious meal. Everything we got was so yummy, plus to mention our meals came with frozen Irish Coffees... amazing. The entire ceiling and walls are covered in dollars, I would hate to be the one to have to count it because there were a shit ton of ones EVERYWHERE! We didn't want to feel left out, so we put a dollar up to right as you walk in.


Last part of the tradition is that you have to kiss the moose in the middle of the bar, so we kissed the moose! Now we're suppose to have automatic good luck. I'll TAKE IT!

Vacation wouldn't be the same without a little beach in there somewhere... in this case everyday! Even though it was slightly over cast and storms that passed through, we made the best of our fun in the sun time. We were so excited to see the Blue Angles again this year. Some of the stuff those jets do, I have no clue how they even go to try. It's insane, yet so cool.


Until next time Pensacola. Thanks for making our trip so nice!




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