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DIY Spring Decor

Nothing says Hello Spring like some fresh beautiful blooms, am I right?!!

I absolutely love flowers all year round, but there's something about decorating your home with pretty petals that just instantly brings joy walking into a room. They truly can brighten your spirits while adding those finishing touches.

I love to be crafty from time to time and with all the wedding florals (that have been sitting in my kitchen) I decided I wanted to make a fresh display for my office. I found some bright and beautiful yellow and coral flowers while picking up the last bit of wedding florals the other week and definitely wanted to create something that would pop for spring and summer.

I have the full how to HERE

I promise making a floral arrangement is pretty simple if you've never done it. All you need is obviously flowers! Then something to put them in and some cutters. I honestly find it very relaxing and it's super fulfilling once it's completed! I got these particular flowers from Marge's here in Orlando, but Michaels always has some great options for a pretty decent cost and usually on sale!

I hope you lovelies are enjoying your Easter and most definitely let me know if you end up getting crafty with some pretty petals. I'd love to see them - just shoot me a dm on Instagram 😊




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