Pink OTS Dress

Ok y'all this dress screamed my name! Those of you who know me and my girly taste know exactly what I mean. It has everything: it's pink, the floral embroidery, duh it's off the shoulder, and lastly it's cute and fun. I mean I just had to have it.

The dress is from Stitch and Arrow, the boutique I keep raving about here in Windermere, FL. Seriously if you live in the Orlando area you MUST go check them out. It's this cute little shop that honestly makes it easy for you to get a one of a kind look, because they only receive one of each in most of their items. This is a good and bad thing if you're slow on the draw...

The necklace is from there too. I just think this piece is so fun and bright especially for Summer styling. I called it my candy shop necklace when I first saw it lol.

For those of you who have been eyeing my purse and sunnies they're both from Henri Bendels. So in love with this hobo, I can't get enough of the fun colors and the tassels (which are removable)! It seriously matches like everything.

I mean if you like colorful things, then this is definitely a look that I'd recommend for you. I've linked a few dress options below for inspiration and also some of the same or similar jewelry pieces. Simply CLICK to shop.

I think the main thing I hope to inspire you from in this post is not to be scared to wear bright colors and make a bold choice. I mean I sure do have a lot of colors going on in this look, but they all work together so nicely to make a statement. So play around with your wardrobe and mix and match pieces you may not have thought would go together, because I bet they would make for a super cute look!



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