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My Jord Watch

Hey there friends!

So if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've seen me posting about my Jord watch for the past few weeks. I wanted to go more in depth on it though and give you my personal review of this watch... and the details about entering the GIVEAWAY!!!

So I'm sure you can guess I'm very pleased in this product review with how I started it out already, but to honest I really do love my Jord wood watch! First of all, a wood watch how cool!?! They kindly had sent me the Frankie 35 series in the Zebrawood/Navy combo. The wood grain is so neat and you can really see the details in this lighter shade of wood, plus the navy face is quite nice because it gives it a pop of color but keeps it on the more neutral side. The size of the face on this one is perfect too, for a female's wrist. I don't mind oversized watches, but sometimes they can be too big, like you're wearing your boyfriend's... in my opinion but this one is just right.

My Jord Watch

My Jord Watch

Even Burly LOVES it ;)

My Jord Watch

Notice just the slightest pop of color like I mentioned. It's so nice the way the light hits it at times. Another fun little insight I like about Jord is that they're manufactured in St. Louis, MO. This made me happy to learn because STL is the nearest big city to my hometown. My family would travel there so much where for sporting event, dance competitions, or to follow it up me attending college in that area... it's very close to me.

My Jord Watch
My Jord Watch

My Jord Watch

Now to get to the most exciting part... the GIVEAWAY!!!

You still have time to enter. It closes this Sunday 8/27 at 11:59p CST. It's so simple to enter, all you need to do is click HERE!

This is open to both sexes, male and female. Maybe if this isn't quite your style, enter to possibly win to give as a gift.


One lucky winner will win $100 OFF code, for their Jord watch of choice! All other entries will also win by receiving $25 OFF code. So really you can't lose.

Good luck to those of you who have entered or going to! I know your'e going to love your watch just as much as I do.



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