Tan Floral Romper Maxi

Hey y'all,

Hope your week has been going well and things are happening for ya. I can def say things have been busy on my end from work, to more work, special events, squeezing in some blogging, taking class, oh and yeah more work lol. CRAZZZZYYY! But anyways, I want to finally share some details and my review on this tan floral romper maxi I found earlier this Summer at Stitch and Arrow.

First of all, how can you not love this romper maxi?!! I fell in love with it from the first time I saw the shop post it up on their IG. I knew I had to have it! It's like the perfect combination of elegance and sexy. Plus the little flutter ots sleeves, yes yes yes!

Just love this floral print so much. I love the tan color to keep it cuddle, but the print is so fun and really pops more on the neutral color. Perfect for FL or your tropical getaway for sure.

Was loving and hating the wind during this photoshoot. It was totally helping out these shots because of how it made the skirt flow, but the most difficult part for me was not touching my hair to get these fabs shots. As my photographer Kaitlyn put it this way "pretend your a full wind blown mermaid" lol. So glad she was able to get into my head hah.

I'm wearing my lipsense again in the combo Aussierose and Roseberry 2:1. These colors together are so nice it makes the perfect berry color without being too deep... at least in my option and for my complexion. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you the hook up!

Ok and now we really get into some fun shots from this evening! I am such a prissy priss when she said to get done, I was like you're kidding right... but no. Thanks Kaitlyn for getting me to do more than I normally would to capture some awesome moments. I mean it was fun after all, and honestly wasn't too bad shaking it all off either.

Sorry for the over abundance of photos in this post, but I just love al of them and wanted to share. This was one of the most fun shoots we've had, we're getting together next week again, so stay tuned.

Below I've linked some similar items from what I wore on this shoot. Simply click to shop. Then go out and pretend you're a full wind blown mermaid for a day, trust me it's fun!



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