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My Go To Options When Cleaning Out My Closet

Hey there friends,

So you ever wonder what to do with some of your older items or things you just aren't into anymore? Well I have a few ideas for you and I'll fill you in on all my outlets for either resale or donating my used, but still like new items!

First off, we all mostly know that I have and ton of things... like most of us do! I don't know how many times a year I'll decide to go through my closet and accessories and have a complete clear out of things I'm either over looking at or doesn't fit or just haven't worn in over a year so it's time to go. Well while being locked up this past weekend with hurricane Irma on her way, I figured it was a great time to do some more cleaning out of my closet!

My Go To Options When Cleaning Out My Closet

My first go to site is Poshmark. I think this is a great outlet for resale and very trust worthy. I've never had a problem with selling or buying from here and they make it so easy. All you gotta do is take some nice pix of what you're selling and list it with the details. Which all the categories are listed for you and is so simple to complete. You can share your item to your followers and even special events throughout the site that they have daily to get it out to more people to see. Then you wait for someone to either buy it straight up or you can even negotiate, which I don't mind at all, then simply print the postage they send you and ship it off. Your sale is complete! It's that easy. Posh also makes your money transfers so easy with direct deposit as an option. The only thing I don't love is that they take 20% out of your sale, but for how convenient they make the transactions it makes it worth it to me. Always hassle free and consumer/seller friendly. I've listed my Posh closet HERE for you and also if you decide to sign up here is a code: LIBERG, to receive $5 FREE just for signing up!


The second place I have good luck on is good ole eBay. It's been around for so long, but I really make decent sales there too. The only thing I'd say I don't love is that I have to list an item for a certain duration of time whether it's auction style or buy it now. Not that it's hard to relist if the item doesn't sell the first time, it's just remembering to do it. I will say eBay is nicer on the amount they take out of your sale though, it's only like 10% then Paypal take 3% for the transaction, so 13% total compared to the 20% is def nicer. It really just depends what I'm selling and which platform it may go over better on. You can find my listings HERE for this site.

My Go To Options When Cleaning Out My Closet

Lastly my third option when it comes to clearing out my closet is simply to donate it to Goodwill. I take so much stuff through out the year for donation, it really adds up and you can use that for write offs when it comes to taxes too. I will say I always will try to resell my belongings first because half the time I've only worn or used them maybe twice... I have a really bad habit of this lol. It's like I wear it once and I feel like I'm done with it. So I try to get a little something for my things since they are still in great condition, but if I have no luck to Goodwill is where it goes.


The feeling you get after really cleaning out your closet feels so good, and if you're able to make a little back that's even better. Then you take take that profit and let it build to treat yourself to something new :)

There's a few other sites/apps that I've heard of as well, but to be honest Posh and eBay are the ones I have the best results from so wanted to share with you how I choose to resell/giveaway my things. I mean and there is always the option of having a yard sale, but that's a whole lot of work for very little pay off, so I'd much rather just donate my items.

Now it's your turn go clean out your closet and see if you have any luck with some of these options like I do!



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