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My New Car

That's right Lovelies, I got a NEW CAR and I couldn't be more excited!

I'm a little behind on spillin the deets, but hey I've been busy. I got my new baby at the beginning of July. I had been wanting to car shop for awhile now, but also really really enjoyed not having a car payment so continued to put it off.

Then ya know... every little thing starts breaking! Like just my luck. In the middle of a pandemic I buy a new car. I know I know, prolly not the smartest move, but at the same time I need a car and why not make it a good while we're at it.

These pix may seem familiar if you read about our NC trip we recently took. Or should I say it was more like join your fiancé at work for the week, lol. Shot these while we were up on the Blueridge Parkway, and I'm not like a crazy car gal, but come on how rad do they look?!

If you couldn't tell from looking at my baby already then I'll fill you in, I got a Cadillac XT4 Sport. She's a 2019, that was basically like new. Seriously like she only had 10,000mi on her and not even a full year old yet. Her name is "Queenie" as it should be non the less! And I'm super stoked to get my personalized plates in. I still got a few weeks to go, but they're definitely fitting ;)

I'm in love with her y'all! Like I've never owned such a luxurious car in my lifffe. I did trade my old little Daisy bug in while upgrading to Queenie.

She treated me well for 7 years, but it was time. I had no idea I was going to go with a car on the day that I did though. It kind of was like at the right time and at the right price type of thing. We had been shopping for the last few months, nothing hard core or anything. If Lar spotted a listing he'd share it with me and if it appealed to me then we'd go take a look, but nothing was hitting. Then this "Shadow Metallic" beauty sprung up out of no where and I knew when I first saw her she was gonna be the one for me.

I know this is quite off basis for what I usually talk to you lovelies about I had to share my sleek new ride with y'all. If you wanna hear more details and specs on it, I've made a review you can see HERE.




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