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Tee: Magical Trading Post (link to IG)| Jacket: Disney |Jeans: AG | Backpack: Henri Bendel | Necklace: Bauble Bar | Shoes: BP via Nordstrom | Sunglasses: Burberry

Ok y'all so I'm showing off my holiday tee from Magical Trading Post in this post!

For those of you who participated in our IG giveaway this past week, THANK YOU so much! The support from our followers old and new means so much to both of us.

Seriously though her tees are so cute! The creative ideas she has for some of her shirts are so adorable and you can't find else where. If you haven't yet, definitely take the time to check her IG out and shop from there. These tees are great gift ideas for a Disney lover's Christmas!

Also, I don't know about you but I'm loving all this varsity inspired gear that Disney is selling right now! Like this jacket is adorable... I mean yeah it's a little kids, but if it fits it fits and I'm gonna rock it! I've always thought these varsity jackets are cute even when I was in high school I loved my cheerleading and dance team jackets, plus ya know showing off school pride ;) I have this linked below, but theres also a nice mens one that's out right now and would be another good option if like blue better.

Continuing my Disney themed Holiday, I wanted to share the festive Christmas Tree Trail they have at Disney Springs!

There are so many trees decked out in inspiration from almost all the Disney movies, featuring their characters on them. Being the Disney freak that I am, I just think this is the best! I don't think I could ever get too much Disney in life.

Take a peek below and see which tree wins you over...

You could never have too much Minnie & Mickey... I mean they're the bosses!

Aurora has always been one of my faves. I think it's the long blonde hair and her pink gown, because otherwise she just sleeps, but that's why she's so gorgeous...she got her fill of beauty sleep

Punzie is def one of my newer faves. I mean Tangled was just sooooo good! Love her will for exploration and adventure

Ever since I was little, I loved Peter Pan. I think Tink won me over being the cute little sassy fairy that she is, and I def can relate at times. Mostly though I've always loved the Peter Pan ride at Magic Kingdom, and I still do to this day!

We can Fly, We can Fly, We can Fly...

Up where they Walk, Up where they Run, Up where they Stay All Day in the Sun... Oh Ariel is my ULTIMATE favorite!

She was my first movie I became obsessed with and wold watch on repeat over and over at my Grandma's house and me and one of my close child hood friends would bike ride and stand up while coasting down the hill to the candy shop belting "Part of Your World."

OMG, how this was amazing and still fills my heart with such joy even thinking about it.

Best merprincess ever ;)

Of course we can't leave out Belle

And Snow White... This tree is def on the top of my list. It's so pretty with all the flowers, and fawn, and deathly candy apples ;)

Then I found the rightful place for miss Evil Queenie

Who doesn't love Cinderella's story?! I'm pretty sure I fulfill her rag days out a decent amount, and I'm just waiting for my fairy godmother come and have my prince (Larry) turn me into the princess I imagine my self being. lol Oh one day... Dreams do come true after all

And last but not least, the most festive and beautiful trees in my eyes... FROZEN!

For obvious reasons this one is my FAVE, but really it is beautiful and just adds a wonderful holiday feel to it because you know... ice and snow!

So which one do you like best? Maybe if you live in the area you can go check the Tree Trail out for yourself because they really are a beautiful sight to see. I hope this has added some fun to your holidays this season. Maybe some inspiration when it comes to decorating your too.





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