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Gymshark Leggings: Simply Mesh & Two Tone

Ok, omg I have found a new obsession and it's Gymshark clothing!

Have any of you heard of them? I first found out about them from my bestie Megan like 3 weeks ago and I have become completely addicted to the brand. The above leggings were my first order from them, and I was very impressed when I got them in. Take a peak at the YouTube haul to see them in action and my complete review.

Oh yeah, and news... I've started my YouTube Channel so go and subscribe. I'm still learning, so bare with me but excited to start this new journey and add vlogging onto my list :)

I worked out in these the very next day and both pairs were great (for me). They were comfortable, and held me in nice and tight while working out. The only thing I noticed with lilac mesh, was that they did continue to slide down slightly as I moved them. It was terrible to bother me, but letting you know if that's something that annoys you... you may want to pass on this style. I think it's because the fabric itself is a bit thicker than normal, and being so soft they slid on my legs.

Outfit Details

Gymshark: Nikki B season 2 (sold out)

And now for the biggest anticipation of all, the Nikki Blackketter Season 2 Gymshark release!!! O.M.G. was this launch HUGE!

I really still can't believe how crazy this release was, and how pretty much EVERYTHING sold out within the first 5mins. Crazy. I mean from the pics above you can see why everyone was dying over getting their hands on this merch, and I'm very thankful I was quick enough on the draw to get the pieces I was really wanting. I fell in love with the dynamic leggings and sports bras to match, along with the adorable long sleeve crop with the open back. Ahhh, so stinking cute. Again you can take a peak at the YouTube haul above to see my full thoughts and how it looks on while moving. It's sad that everything sold out so quickly and there wasn't more stock made. If you're really interested in getting your hands on some stuff though you can always try Poshmark or Ebay. I know items are selling on there... unfortunately for like double though.

I'm dying over these new gym clothes though. Absolutely loving everything thus far that I've received, and can't wait for my next few... yes few... orders to arrive to see how amazing those items are too!

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