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Lumee Case + Giveaway

Lumee Case + Giveaway

Lumee Case + Giveaway

Lumee Case + Giveaway

Outfit details

Shirt: Tobi (similar HERE & HERE) | Skirt: Shein | Phonecase: Lumee | Chair: World Market

Hey y'all,

I wanted to share with you all about my Lumee case and how I'm giving one away! If you're a selfie lover or in general just want better lighting for your everyday pictures, your problem is solved. I absolutely LOVE my Lumee case Duo and use it frequently. What's great about the duo is that it has front and back lighting so you definitely will get the perfect picture. You can see above how much light it gives off while in selfie mode, totally worth every penny in my opinion. It's easy to use, simply click the button on the back once for selfie lighting and twice for back lighting (this is great for a group shot in the evening hours), and again to turn off. It comes in a variety of colors. I have the rose gold obviously, and I'm giving the same exact one away! The only negative thing I have to say about the case is that it is quite big. I don't think there's a way around that though in order to have both sets of light. It doesn't bother me really, just sucks it doesn't fit in my clutches as easily.


Ok, now for the deets on the chance to win. Simply head over to my Instagram (@laceloveandlaura)

Click on the "Teddybear" image to enter. All you have to do is:

1. Like that photo

2. make sure to Follow Me

3. Tag a friend (the more tags the more entries)

Bonus +5 entries

Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Laura Iberg

Good luck and thanks so much for continuing this journey with me :)


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