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Dress: Astr via Nordstrom | Shoes: Vince Camuto via DSW | Purse: Cult Gaia | Hair: T3 Wand | Lips: "Rose Julep" Buxom |Eyes: "Soft Glam" Anastasia | Earrings: Henri Bendel |Bracelets: Henri Bendel (petal, tennis)| Rings: Henri Bendel

So just the other day on my Instagram I posted about this pretty periwinkle dress and how I think it is just the perfect dress for Spring! Funny story about trying to get these pix the other morn... well I had planed to have a photoshoot prior to work that day, but stuff came up last minute and we had to change that. My sweet boyfriend though was so nice to offer to try and catch some shots of me in this little number since I was already done up and everything. So we just went right around the corner to the next little housing development near us that has a little nicer set up,lol surprising what you can make due with what ya got ;) Anyways, I think he did a really good job with these that morn! And dumb dumb me... he had gotten even more but I was an idiot and accidentally deleted them before they all saved. Wha Wha...

I had mentioned that last year I got this dress in white, but because I loved it so much I had to get another color this year since it restocked! You can see below there are a variety of colors to find the best suited for you, but they're all so pretty. I think it's because the simplicity of it makes it so darling. This dress is very flattering too! The slight v neck line adds a subtle sex appeal to it without it giving off too much especially combined with the midi length and lace making it ever so darling :)

Also, I mean obvi depending on the color you could definitely rock this into other seasons too... even Fall and add a cute little denim or leather jacket. Oh, and also make it like a sporty chic look and try a adidas with it too, that could be real cute but different vibe.

Anddddd y'all this dress is under $100!!!

Like really, it is so lovely in every way I would had never thought this dress would be priced at such a steal. Make sure to check it out. Of course I got the pix and links to click and shop ;)

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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