Blogger Unboxing Haul

Hi there friends!

So I had this idea that I thought would be fun to share an entire week's worth of blogger mail with you in an unboxing haul. This way you can kinda see what a typical week looks like for me when receiving packages. I got lots to share with you, so I'm gonna get started...

First up, LivLuvShop!

Y'all I love a good graphic tee/tank and this company has too many that are just ideal. Here's just a couple of the ones they sent me & I already had to wear. So stickin cute, check them out HERE

Also, use code: LACELOVEANDLAURA for 20% off!!!

Make sure to check out the vlog below to see the other fun tees they sent me :)

Next up, more SHEIN!

I've shared lots already about how much I love this site, but honestly y'all they have so many great trendy finds, at the most reasonable prices. That's what it comes down to for me. We all love expensive things, but if your budget is like mine we can't always have what we want... but with Shein you can def have on trend great quality items and fit right in with the big ballas. I am absolutely in LOVE with this white maxi they most recently sent me. Ugh, I wanted to badly to get some sultry sandy pix of this on the beach to share with you. Unfortunately it's been nothing but rain here in FL for like the past 2 weeks sooooo I'll have to do that another time and share with you. But seriously how fabulous is this maxi, I love the lace detailing on the chest, and the open back is so sexy. Oh and the frayed raw edging adds just a little roughness to the look, which I'm all about.

Not to worry, I have 2 more dresses from Shein to share ;)

This is in a new collab with them and amazon. Y'all know how amazon is doing the whole fashion thing now... well this is part of it.

I mean how stinking darling is that green polkadot?! Love love love that one, and I'm all about the embroidery boho trend as well. These 2 items are great and you can shop them so easily on amazon now... and again for like $20 bucks.


Oh oh, and I got another new company I wanna tell ya about and that's Brumate.

So y'all have heard of yeti and corkcicle I'm sure, well this is a similar company, but I feel like they've gone a step further to out do the others. So they recently just sent me a gift set containing the winesulator and 2 wine glasses in the glitter blush. That's right my two favorite colors lol!

I'm so stoked about this set and can not wait to use them at the beach or possibly a picnic. They were so smart though and created a funnel that comes with the winesulator that way it's easily poured into the container with no spills! Also, the lids to the glasses have sliding lock spouts. This way you can close it securing your drink is safe inside with no spill.

Andddd right now, this set is on SALE for only $69! That's a great deal, so def go check them out just click HERE. There's also tons of colors in solids and glitter and even marble is an option!

I got more clothing to share, now from Goodnight Macaroon.

Ok, so I'm not gonna lie though as much as I think this site has some super cute items, I've been having some troubles with them. So sharing because I want y'all to know in advance in case you buy from them. So I recently ordered because the release of the Champagne & Chanel collection launched and of course there were some cute things. Well sadly, I was disappointed upon opening my package (you can see in the video as well). Not that the items weren't cute, but from the colors being different from what was shown online and coming across damages... I wasn't impressed. And also, this site cost a pretty penny for things, sooooo another upsetting factor. This is the one dress that came & I was actually happy with, even though this item had stitching holes on the upper back. Yeah I def took to costumer service on this one because there was just too many things wrong.

You can see some of the other items that I ordered in the widget below, like the cream (not white, as it says online) boho dress that had hook & eyes missing so can't close the chest, and also the yellow eyelet top. The top is really pretty, I was just upset because the color is misleading from the site where it looks more daisy yellow than to the actually item being more golden/mustard yellow. So another let down. I'm sad because I've really loved this site in the past and have never had an issue, but feel like this needs to be shared. Also, just know in advance that there are lots of stipulations to returns and sometimes you can't... so make sure before ordering to check all those terms and conditions out too so you're not disappointed like I was.

Lastly, I have more GYMSHARK!

So y'all know most def that I'm obsessed with this athletic brand and I had to share the new comfy attire that they launched with ya. This set is great for those slounge around days perfs for chillin around the house. This top y'all, so so comfy! In my vid I state that it's not that soft, but then I wore it & it's so incredibly comfy I just love it. No it's not like crazy soft to write up about, but it's just cozy ugh amazing. Also, these sweats I'm loving the high waist scrunch and the extra bagginess of the legs.

And that's a wrap folks!

I hope this was fun for you to see what a week in the life of Laura looks like when receiving blogger mail. Lots of collabs, lots of shopping on my end, lots of fun finds! Take a look for yourself to see me actually unbox these item in my most recent youtube vlog:

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