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9 Denim Style Edits for Summer

Ever feel like you get stuck in a rut when it comes to your denim wear? Especially it being so on trend right now, spruce it up! I'm sharing 9 different looks that all contain denim and are great for summer! From warm weather wear to dressed up date night looks, rethink your staple denim pieces to refresh your summer wardrobe...

Ways to Style

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer

Sleek + Casual

Nothing is difficult about this look, but it's super chic and put together. The sheer button down takes it up a notch, along with the accessories, but the blush espadrilles still keep it causal and perfect for a summer brunch or day shopping trip.

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer

Sporty Chic

We all know that during these summer months it can get extremely hot, but as soon as you walk inside somewhere to go to eat or a movie or even if it turns evening on ya... it suddenly is freezing. There's nothing better than throwing on a denim jacket to fix the problem! So simple & on trend right now. Also, they're usually pretty easy to throw in your tote and go!

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer

Southern Charm

I think rocking some daisy dukes with killer cowboy boots is definitely a style that should be in your summer wardrobe! It's so simple, and girl show those legs off, am I right!?! Not too short, but just right in these little frayed jean shorts.

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer

Casual + Girly

Y'all know I love me some girly vibes! Love anything with a ruffle or flutter, so obvi this look is right up my alley. This denim skirt is adorbs with the ruffle trim! Paired with these blush pink items made for a great quick and easy girly chic look.

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer


I think this is one of my faves so far this summer. Pretty simple with an eyelet tank and jean shorts, but as soon as you add a wedge and this maxi wrap... it's done! 2 simple elements make a look go from casual to glam. This maxi can actually be worn as seen above or as a sundress.

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer

Date Night

Don't forget about those white denim jeans you got laying in your closet! A pair of white denim instantly up the game. They're so sleek and eye grabbing, and honestly you can pair pretty much anything with them! I won't lie, I tend to forget about mine, but really have been making an effort to wear them more because I love how they make an outfit look.

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer

Day Date

Again a basic destroyed pair of denim instantly can be glammed up by adding a cute wedge! This is like my go to look when getting ready to go out with bae. Love a good OTS top too. That always makes you look dolled up.

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer


Y'all know I'm constantly working out and on the go. So most of my looks consist of leggings and a cute tee/tank, but ya gotta have something to cover up with. This awesome oversized cropped denim jacket is just perfect for that! I wear this jacket all the time - like for realsies! It's perfect for your wardrobe, for like all seasons too. I also have this really cute pink denim jacket that I've been rocking lately. I'll link my "June Faves" vid here for you to see more...

9 Denim Style Edits for Summer

Glam Life

Lastly, I got another super girly super dolled up idea for you. Again with the white denim and paired with a blush blouse & leather jacket. It's clean and stylish and you just can't go wrong!


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