Birthday Surprises

Hi everyone,

So some pretty exciting things just took place this last week, but most of all it was my mom's birthday! It was kinda a special year, she was turning 65, so we had to make it extra special. See the pix below from her trip that was full of surprises.


So the first surprise & prolly the most exciting was that my brother & I had arranged for her to stay at the Grand Floridian for 2 nights once she got in. Now I've been to the Grand Fla, but holy cow it is beautiful! Like everything about it was soooooo stunning and breath taking. The room with our view was gorgeous and you just felt like royalty staying there. So basically off the flight I had arranged the Magical Express to pick her up and take her straight to the resort. It was so fun, because she honestly had no clue until had to board the bus.

Once getting to the resort, I had already been there to get the whole check-in process done so everything was already set and good to go. I was lucky enough to get into the room early to set her special birthday basket I made up for her in there. It was just perfect! After getting it all ready & she arrived from the bus I met her down in the lobby to bring her up. Y'all the smile on her face made me feel so happy & accomplished. The surprise was a success! Then when I brought her up to the room it got even better :) We soon after had lunch at the GF Cafe, which was delicious, & we kicked off the celebrations with some mimosas as you should! Then we hit the pool to lounge around and get a little sun. That eve I had dinner reservations set for Citrico's, again absolutely amazing & we had the greatest view of the fireworks too. Lastly to finish off the evening, I had Larry sneak a cake into the room. She was so clueless, it was the best!

Day 2 was filled with Food & Wine at Epcot which some family members were able to get off work to come join us, but of course I had made that a surprise too. It was such a fun day... long, but very fun! Doin it up Disney, you can never go wrong. I'd say this was a pretty special bday indeed & I'm super happy she enjoyed every minute of it!

What I Wore

And no worries, I got my outfits from my mini staycation all attached below in the widget. Just scroll through & click to get the details ;)



Orlando, FL