On Trend with Plaid

Hi loves,

So we all know that trends come & they go, but I gotta admit the whole plaid trend continues to hold strong! I mean I'm totally ok with that, because I LOVE me some plaid that's for sure. This one particular I really fell in love with. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to guess why...


shirt: Free People | jeans: AG | hat: Nordstrom | hair: T3 | necklace: Kendra Scott | lips: MAC "Syrup" | boots: Sam Edelman | earrings: Kendra Scott

Oversized & Plaid

Were you able to figure it out once you saw the shirt? Yes, it's because it's pink & blue + there's gleaming shining threads throughout it too! Oh & let's not forget I love oversized everything. This shirt was one I spotted on Nordstrom & knew I had to have it. The colors alone especially together make this shirt so pretty, but then I can't get enough of flouncy oversized things. They're just so comfy, & I'm all about being comfortable! Don't get me wrong I like fitted things, but there's a time & place for those.

Boots & Hats

And there's something about fall & winter where it's ok to just simply be EXTRA! Give me all the boots, especially tall ones, I think they're just fabulous and make such a statement. Then do you ever notice that people start pulling out there floppys & fedoras come these seasons - at least I do. Maybe it's because it's too hot the other seasons, but come the chill means Laura is getting diva'd out! This is a newer on trend style. The baker boy hat is super cute & a lil more subtle then a big floppy wide brim hat. I really like this one because of the army green corduroy fabric though. It's unique & different & def will catch peoples eyes ;)



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