Sephora Holiday Party

Hi my pretties,

I recently just hosted a Holiday Party at Sephora & I'm sharing the details with you all here today.

So if your a beauty lover I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we LOVE SEPHORA! I mean they just have everything that we could ask for when it comes to beauty products.

Well I was super excited when they reached out to me to host this event. I mean who wouldn't love an hour to have all the palettes and glitters to play with & learn new techniques on how to use. The topic of choice for my party was "Holiday Glam" ya know seeing that this will be coming in handy currently. We played with quite a few palettes (there were more there than I thought existed) & we worked on mastering the smokey eye. Now did you know you can create a smokey eye with not only black/grey tone shadows? Well you can & there's so many beautiful options. I'll need to do a tutorial on the YouTube for y'all to show & explain better, but basically you just keep layering one color on top of the next... obvi starting with the lightest shade first. you can make a "natural" smokey eye or a more "glam" depending on the intensity of the crease color. It's really amazing how many eye options you can create with just one palette.

We also touched on brows, eyeliner, & lips. There's 2 main brow shapes we talked about whether you want a softer more rounded look ( more my go to) or if you're looking for that edgier intense look, then you just make the arch higher to angle more. Cat eyes are always a challenge...even for me & I have to do it everyday lol. They mentioned to stencil it out in a way rather than trying to create a straight line in one sweep. It's like connect the dots, & simply make a small triangle at the outer corner of your lid/lash line. And there's so many options you can always do with a lip, but I do suggest choosing to do something for sure. I hate a look without a lip, because I feel like it's in complete. You have to finalize it with the little pout. If you're doing a holiday look for instance like me I chose to keep my lip more natural to keep my eyes the main focus, but if you just wanted to go all out diva glam I could've totally put a red/berry lip on with this look. Oh I almost for got the glitter! So we all know I love me some glitter, what girl really doesn't. So to take my natural smokey eye to a night out in an instance we simply applied glitter to my lid! That's all, then I was done. It's crazy I tell ya just crazy how easy it is to change a look.

This day was the best though because I got to spend it with some of my closest friends. We had so many laughs and had a blast creating our makeup looks together. I think I loved feeding off each other and taking different ideas that each of us would do create our very own. I definitely recommend if you get a chance to host a party your local store, you won't be disappointed I'm sure.

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