Our Recent Trip to Pennsylvania

Hi friends,

Super fun post I'm sharing with y'all and it's all about our recent trip up to Pennsylvania. You might be thinking why the heck PA, well that's where Larry's from. He needed to make a quick trip home to pick some things up, and I thought it would be nice to go with him. Besides being with him for his travels, it's been forever since we got to see his family, and also I couldn't pass up seeing snow!

It was a last minute trip because of the forecast to be quite honest. Larry was like, "Babe, we need to go. They're getting like a shit ton of snow." So, we did. Luckily I was able to get my work schedule covered so last minute. I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of nice to be so spontaneous for a change. Y'all know I like to plan everything out, so this was very unlike me. It was quite the road trip to say the least though. On the way up we hauled a golf cart with us. Larry was giving one to his folks as a surprise to help get around on their new property. Then on the way back we were hauling a huge old school Dodge van, which will be Larry's new project for his Noble Speed Motoworks transportation vehicle. Crazy, I know. Him and his ideas... boy do I love him though.

We ended up getting up there in a days time driving right through. Which was nice, but a little rough. For me, I got to rest on and off, but it still sucks being cooped up for so long. Once we got in we def crashed for a nap that was much needed. I was starting to get so cranky lol. At first I was trying to stick to my whole food plan and counting my macros, but I decided I was gonna need to forget that for the week. Road trips in general consist of snacking and eating crap to help stay awake, and I caved one day in. Now that we'e back though I'm starting fresh and getting back on top of it. The trip in general was pretty chill, just visiting with his family. Of course, Lar agreed to doing some snow shoots for me. So no worries, I'll have lots to share in my posts to come.

I also went snowboarding for the very first time ever! Now, I'm not gonna lie I was scared shitless. Everyone told me I need to ski first if I've never done either, and I wanted to but at the same time I wanted to do what babes was doing so he could help me more. He kept saying snowboarding would be easier anyways. He lives right by Blue Knob All Seasons Resort so we traveled up mountain for a little adventure the one day. It was so pretty driving up there especially with all the snow and log cabins. I decided to just snowboard. Figured I'd be falling down either way, so what the heck lol. We stayed on the beginner slope. There was like no one there. Probably because it was blizzard like conditions, oh and the slope was nothing but ice! It was crazy, and so hard, but I DID IT! We had fun even though we were on our butts more than planned. There was like one spot where the slope started to level out and there was powder and for that little bit it was sick. I could totally shred! So next time hopefully the conditions will be better that way we can really rip around.

The trip ended up with perfect timing too, because it was his brother's birthday while we were up there. It was nice to get together for dinner to celebrate too. We went to Jean Bonnet's Tavern. It was really nice and super cool because there's some history behind this Western Pennsylvania inn. It now serves as a bed & breakfast, tavern, and gift shop, but back in the day during the "Whiskey Rebellion" of 1794, President Gorge Washington along with a large group of troops summited camp here. Talk about interesting fact of the day.

We're back home now, so that means back to the old hustle and grind. Unpacking and getting settled back at home currently. There's so much laundry and things I need to get done. Crazy how things build up so quickly on ya.

Sneak peak of some of my outfits and what I wore during the trip below.



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