Red & Pink Wonderland

Hey y'all

Hope everyones Valentines was lovely and you got to spend it either with your special person or just people that make you feel special for being you. This outfit share is a little late, but I had to post about it because it's so so pretty. Currently my favorite color combo... let's be real prolly always my fave color combo lol. Wore this look while on our trip up in PA. Of course I had to have a little snow shoot fun. See for yourself...


sweater: VICI Collection | beanie: Free People | coat: Target | jeans: AG | boots: Sperry | belt: Gucci | hair: T3 wand | lips: "Syrup" MAC

So am I right? I wasn't lying to you, these colors together jut give me all the girly feels and in a winter wonderland yet to boot. I'm in heaven! Something about the combo of red and pink goes together so well in so many different shades of the two too. I could be obsessing over it more since it was just Valentines, but I will admit I love them together. The sweater was one of the pretties Larry got for me for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure I've worn it on repeat enough already. Also, this coat was another great buy for the season. I was not expecting to get to wear it as much as I got to, but it definitely came in handy.

We had so much fun during this snow shoot, as you can see. It was so pretty here with the white bridge and the little creek. All I needed was for a deer to be in the distance, and it would've been perfect. Also, figured I'd show ya how the "cold never bothered me anyways"... haha yeah right. That one picture I decided to throw in the mix for proof all the pix are not always perfect and yes my hands were freezing, but getting "the shot" is worth the frostbite!

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Orlando, FL