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Red Dress Boutique Haul

Hi friends,

I wanted to share some of the items from a shop I tried out for the first time. Have you heard of Red Dress Boutique? I definitely have heard and most recently have been seeing a lot of looks from them. Especially as I scroll on the insta. Well I decided to check into them a little more, and holy heck they carrie a lot of cute things! I was really taken by the amount of styles they had to offer and also the pricing is really good. Like it's not crazy cheap, but for what it is it seems pretty reasonable. I purchased a few things though and I thought I'd share them with you. All of the stuff I got was honestly super cute and really nice quality! There was only one thing I wasn't in love with, but that was only because of the style and not fitting as nice as I would've liked it to. Take a scroll to see some of the looks here, or you can head to my Try On Haul on Youtube to see all of it and hear more in depth my opinions. Just click HERE to watch!

Red Dress Boutique Haul

shirt: Volcom | jeans: AG | cardi: RDB | heels: Marc Fisher | belt: Gucci

Red Dress Boutique Haul

shirt: Volcom | bell bottoms: RDB | sunnies: RDB

Red Dress Boutique Haul

dress: RDB | purse: amazon | heels: amazon

Red Dress Boutique Haul

sweater: RDB | bell bottoms: RDB


Super cute am I right?! As I was shopping I had such the hardest time narrowing things down, but knew I had to lol. I have a really bad habit of jut adding everything I like to my cart, then I go from there. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not and I want everything. This was one of those times! I will say the return policy is quite nice though, so that was part of the persuasion leading me to getting almost everything. You have 30 days to return, hassle free, they only take $5 out of your refund amount for restocking fee. Part of me thinks this is silly, but at the same time I don't mind that way I get to try new things out. Can we just talk about the bell bottoms though!!! Like I am in love with these. When I saw them I loved them, but was like how are they gonna fit, will I really rock a bell bottom... All the things running through my head. Well, let me just say they are AMAZING! The are super stretchy, have the ultimate high waist to help suck it all in, and the flare is so big to make the perfect bell shape. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh and the striped cream sweater. I'm living for these 70s vibe right now and absolutely adore. Everything fit super great, except the cream dress... which you'll need to watch the video in order to see this one.

I really did like everything from this order and was really impressed. I def will order from them again. I actually already have things placed in my cart I'm trying to decide on lol. Check them out and let me know your thoughts. Oh and in no way is this a collaboration with them, just sharing my honest opinions with y'all.


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