"Good Vibes Only"

Hi friends,

Today's post is something very different from what you're use to hearing from me. I had an opportunity to take part in a meditation experience that the Four Seasons Orlando is now offering. It's called a "Sound Bath." A therapy treatment through the vibrations of sound. I know right, who knew. This experience was definitely different from anything I've done before, and I'm going to go into detail below.

Sound Bath

So I'm sure y'all are wondering what exactly is a "Sound Bath?" I know I was prior to getting to experience it. This "Good Vibes Only" event was all done through vibrational sound therapy. You're still probably pretty curious, am I right? For centuries, this technique has been used to help in the aid of stress and tension to help in the healing process and let it go. It's a natural way to release the negative energy and let the good vibes roll. It's so easy, and I can agree, to let the stress of our daily lives way us down, and with this treatment it allows you to take the time for yourself to let your mind stop thinking. Hard to do? It's different for everyone. You can read more in depth in this article Four Seasons Orlando has shared, click HERE.

My Experience

Seeing that this was my first experience with any form of meditation, it felt very strange for me. Y'all know that I am a very busy person, always on the go. So trying to find time to sit and meditate really isn't an option for me. The fact that I got to do this alone the other felt great in itself. Now the event was in a group setting so we experienced it a little differently than what you would individually going to the resort for an appointment. We were set up in one of the fitness studios with our yoga mats formed into a circle. We each had an initial "cleansing" moment prior to laying down for the main portion of the treatment. To be honest it was hard for me to stop thinking. So many things were running through my head, and as the vibrations of the sound filled the room somehow it did help me just stop. It was so nice to have this moment of relaxation, where everything basically stopped for me. Nothing running through my head, no where to be, nothing to worry about, completely nothing! As my breathing deepen, my body became more heavy and it almost felt as if I was sinking into the floor. I started to get chills throughout my body, I'm not sure if it was that my body was so relaxed and heart rate slowed or if it was just cold in the room lol. Once this started it was a little distracting for me to stay in my peaceful mindless mode. I really am interested it experiencing it on my own to get the full effect!

After the vibrational group sound treatment, we had a private luncheon with everything specially thought up to help enlighten our moods. Light and refreshing courses. I will say, I stepped outside my box and tried it all... even though I had no clue what some of it was lol. Y'all I am like the pickiest eater ever, so I was quite proud of myself for trying everything. I will admit I enjoyed most of it all though.

The Resort

OMG y'all the Four Seasons is insanely beautiful! So luxurious and high class. Def a place I'd love to surround myself with in my everyday life, but let's be real that's not me. I mean in my dreams, heck yeah lol. Super elegant and everyone was so nice. This was my first time getting to be there and explore the resort. The resort in itself is a vacation destination that would for sure take yourself out of the daily grind. I can't wait to plan a staycation with my babes here!

So maybe give yourself a little time for you today. Just 15 minutes to let yourself be with your thoughts only. Find what makes you happy and feel at ease and allows you to drift away from it all.

Happy World Meditation Day!



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