Exploring The Grove Orlando

Hi lovelies,

I had a wonderful opportunity the other morning getting to explore a newer area of Orlando. The Grove Orlando is definitely growing and becoming quite the happening spot for all ages. It's been forever since I had been over in this area of town. Like there was a Panera, Walgreens, and Publix, but now... WOW it has drastically built up with so many offerings!

I have a few of the spots I'm going to share a little more in depth about, but there is so much more around this upcoming spot. I've been doing a lot of focus keeping motivated recently, so I'm going to talk mainly about the fitness and well being options that are around The Grove.


We all love a good nic nac store, am I right?! Sweet Sassy Southern is just that with so many fun little trinkets to offer. It's like the perfect gift shop, you could find a present for pretty much anyone in here. You can see that they carry Corkcicle, which I personally love! Especially when it comes to my fitness regime, I take my Corkcicle with me every time. They're an Orlando company actually, little fun fact. They're bottles and cups are so great though. Super super colors and designs, and they keep your drinks cold for hours! These neon colors are the newest collection released, and I fell in love with this yellow bottle. They also have a wide variety of essential oils. Not only to they have the oils they have body mists/sprays! How convenient is that?! I am a huge culprit of forgetting to use my oils just because I don't think to use a few drops when it's needed, but having a body spray is so much easier. I got the "Focus" and I'm so excited to use it to see how it works and hopefully really does help me focus!


In need of a pair of sneakers before hitting the gym? No need to fret, Windermere Shoes has what you need! Such a wide variety of shoes in this little shop. From athletic to sandals to dress shoes, you can find it here. I had my eye on a few pairs of these Saucony's. I have heard of this brand before, but had never tried them out... and let me tell you - they are COMFY! They honestly felt very supportive and were nice and lightweight. I'll be able to give you an update about them because they kindly gifted me a pair to test out! How sweet right! There's good news for you though too... make sure to stay tuned throughout the week because I have graciously teamed up with Windermere Shoes to gift a $100 to one of our followers on IG! More details to come, just keep watching my Instagram for this giveaway.

Also, convenient that there's a LA Fitness right in the heart of this beautiful shopping plaza. After you workout you can treat yourself to a little shopping or pampering or even refuel your belly for the rest of the day.


Now how many of you have heard about "Salt Rooms?" You're not alone if you haven't, because I really had no clue what this was all about until the visit either. First of all, the setting of The Salt Scene was truly peaceful. As soon as we walked in the mood switched from the hotness of being outside to this pleasant calming vibe. Enter relaxation mode, thank you! They offer three different rooms at this location. The one above is the "Beach" room. Everything from the walls and the sand were made from himalayan salt! Yes, you heard me correctly. It's all salt! A session consists of relaxing in one of these rooms for about 45mins; either reading a book, or catching up on emails, or even simply just resting your eyes while breathing in the salty air. By breathing in the salt it helps with many things. It helps with breaking down congestion (which I've personally have been dealing with terribly these last few weeks), build your immune system, helps with the common cold and even help settle allergies. I most definitely am looking forward to going back for a few sessions myself. I feel like just the little bit of time I was in there I could tell my sinus' were opening up some. It's like magic!


Okay okay, NO it's not what you're thinking but this little children's boutique was too cute I couldn't pass it up. Now, as you all know I don't have children, but I am probably the biggest little kid you ever have met. So of course I was drawn into the store by seeing princessy things in the front window lol. This shop had so much for both boys and girls and ranging from babies to older kids. They had some really fun swim attire to and I love that they had so many option for sun protection for your little ones. As an adult it's easier to realize when the sun is getting to you, but your child's delicate skin can get attacked much more quickly, so having these long sleeves options included in the matching sets was quite nice I thought. Definitely check this shop out if you do have children or if your expecting, because it's too cute not to.


As for my look, you can shop it all below. I am wearing the Gymshark ombré collection, but I found some great dupes on Amazon! Which leads me to mentioning about the Rafflecopter Giveaway I'm apart of. There's going to be two winners and each will win a $400 Amazon gift card!!! See below to enter.



Orlando, FL