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LTK DAY 2019

Hi ya Lovelies,

So I wanted to talk to y'all about a special shopping day that's happening for the first time this year!

The LTK Day!!!

You're probably like, what the heck, but no worries I'm about to explain. So if by chance you missed my recent post about "What is LTK," then I recommend you taking peak at that article or vlog as well. Basically, LTK is one of the biggest monetization platforms that people are easily able to shop from, and their hosting they're very own LTK Day with certain retailers for exclusive deals just to LTK users! How awesome is this!

Sales will range anywhere from 10%-30%off, but you have to be a member of LTK to get these exclusive deals! So what do you have to do from here...

Download the app

Follow your favorite influencers (i.e. LaceLoveandLaura)

Screenshot any LTK enabled pix to shop the looks

LTK DAY 2019

It's as easy as that! Honestly, all you need to do to shop the sale day is download the free app. You can always explore influencers and products in app then. So if you don't already have the app, I def recommend you get it and set it all up so you're ready to go on sale day. Which is June 23rd! You still go some time, but I promise you are going to want to take advantage of these extra discounts that's happening exclusively to LTK members.

Keep watch for certain on my IG because I most definitely will be storying about this and sharing more content over there.


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