Weekend Getaway to Tampa

Hi ya lovelies,

Sharing some of the fun I recently had by heading down to see Larry while he was in Tampa. It was a nice little weekend getaway. Sometimes you don't need much, just one day can be a nice little break or change.

So some of you may know Larry's been working on this Cadillac tour demoing the XT4s, XT5s, and Escalades. Pretty rad right? It really is pretty sweet he gets to travel so frequently for his job, but at the same time I sure do miss him. So while they were touring in Tampa, I decided to get off work a couple days and go down to see him. Tampa is honestly like an hour away from Orlando, so it wasn't anything crazy exiting but it was a nice little weekend trip!

I got to see him in action and test drive the cars for myself as well. Which I really loved the XT4! I may just be looking into one of those when I decide to upgrade from my little buggy. It drove so smooth, and I really have been looking at getting an SUV soon. There were so many features: massaging seats, heated steering wheel, heads up display, and a rear view camera mirror. Some of it was so fancy I was like what's going on right now lol. They really were nice though and I wish I could've drove them a little longer to get more of a feel for them, but Hyde Park was crazy busy with tons of people interested in driving them. I'll just have to go to another city ; )

I created a short little travel vlog for this trip. If your'e interested in seeing the cars for yourself in action and a surprise photoshoot I did for Cadillac take a peak. Also, I couldn't leave without doing a little shopping. So you can also see what finds I found in the vlog.



Orlando, FL